How to Get Traffic for Your Online Coding Business Without Spending a Lot of Time?

If you create an online coding business, you’ll need traffic like blood through your veins. Traffic gives you what Donald Trump calls “Deal Flow”—the ability to continuously improve your conversion and create new opportunities. However, creating organic traffic is a long-term strategy that does not only take a lot of time until your blog gains … Read more

Python Built-in String Functions — Simply Explained

Many coders struggle with Python built-in string functions. Instead of reusing the great functionality implemented by experts in the field, they reinvent the wheel implementing string functions on themselves. Ultimately, they lose time, money, and energy—writing inefficient code! Don’t let this be you. ? Here’s a tiny Instagram tutorial that shows you the most important … Read more

Programming Your Intelligence

This is a first draft for an introductory chapter of the fifth book of my “Coffee Break Python” series. If you want to follow the updates of this book, subscribe to my Python email training program where I’ll announce the book as soon as it’s ready. A large body of psychological research divides your general … Read more

Don’t Think in Terms of Resumes as a Coder — Do This Instead!

The world of programming is different than other professions because it’s a practical, hands-on profession. Coders who get results and can showcase practical projects that solve real problems will always win in this marketplace. You don’t need a degree. Say, you just solved one Upwork project after another. You have a lot of good testimonials … Read more

Why Should I Use NumPy?

NumPy is not the trendiest Python library in the world. There are libraries such as TensorFlow or Scikit-learn for machine learning. These libraries get all the attention these days. However, in this article, I want to highlight the importance of learning the basics first. You cannot learn TensorFlow before you’ve learned Python. Similarly, you cannot … Read more

Why You Should Offer Your Services For Free as a New Freelance Developer?

I got this question recently regarding Python freelancing and I immediately thought that’s a brilliant idea. (Seriously.) Why should this be a good idea considering that Python freelancers earn $51 per hour on average? Because you can increase your Python skill level but you don’t have to polish your salesman skills from day one. It’s … Read more