Recursion: A Helpful Guide in Python

Recursion is a powerful tool in your coding toolbox. Understanding it is a key skill on your path to mastery. This article gives you a thorough introduction to this important computer science concept. What is Recursion? What’s a Simple Example for Recursion? What’s Mutual Recursion? What is Recursion? Stephen Hawking used a concise explanation: “to … Read more

Python: “0.1 + 0.2 ≠ 0.3”. Me: “?”

Python Representation Error: This article explains why floating-point arithmetic can lead you astray in Python. Floating-point arithmetic cannot represent some numbers precisely. While many people think it’s a bug, it’s actually not. Have a look at the following code snippet: In the code snippet, you have assumed that the number 0.1 actually represents the decimal … Read more