How to Initialize a Dictionary with Keys in Python?

Summary: The most Pythonic approach to initialize a dictionary with keys is to use the dict.fromkeys(key, None) dictionary method, which accepts each item from the given list as a key and associates None to each key as a value. Problem Formulation: Given a list containing employee IDs as items within it. How will you create … Read more

You Cannot Use Python Regex in startswith(). Do This Instead.

I’m sitting in front of my computer refactoring Python code and have just thought of the following question: Can You Use a Regular Expression with the Python string.startswith() Method? The short answer is no. The string.startswith() method doesn’t allow regular expression inputs. And you don’t need it because regular expressions can already check if a … Read more

50 Signs You’re a Programmer Geek

I consider 256 to be a nice, round number. I become annoyed when 10K means 10,000. I’ve written a useless program just for the “fun” of it. In fact, I prefer writing useless programs. I start counting from 0 and end up with one less than everyone else. I write equals as == and not … Read more

Convert CSV to JSON in Python

5 Easy Steps to Convert a CSV to a JSON File You can convert a CSV file to a JSON file by using the following five steps: Import the csv and json libraries Open the CSV as a file object in reading mode using the open(path_to_csv, ‘r’) function in a context manager (=with environment). Load … Read more

Top 5 Hardware Developer Job Roles in 2023

Are you interested in hardware and always have been? Do you catch yourself buying the latest hardware gadgets like Rasperry Pies or Arduino microcontrollers just for fun? And, most importantly, do you think about becoming a hardware developer? You’re in the right place! To summarize the gist of this article in one sentence: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five … Read more