Can You Get A Job Knowing Only Python And No Other Programming Language?

Of course, you can. However, the question misses the point. It’s not about how many programming languages you know. It’s about how much expertise you have in the areas that matter. If you are good at Python, you’ve already proven that you have expertise in the technical programming area. Now, it’s much more about how … Read more

A 3-Min Primer on Python Decorators

Say, you are working for a large bank. Your hacker colleague implemented a magic function that uses SSH to log into the bank’s core server (written in COBOL which you don’t know at all), analyzes the CPU usage over the last 24 hours, and returns the result as a cryptic string value. Your boss asks … Read more

A Python Implementation of NumPy Cumsum

You may know the np.cumsum() function from the NumPy library that calculates the cumulative sum of a given NumPy array. How can we implement this function in Python? Studying this will not only show you how the NumPy cumsum function works, but it’ll also make you a better coder because it contains many important concepts … Read more

Python Numpy 101: How to Calculate the Row Variance of a Numpy 2D Array?

You can play with the following interactive Python code to calculate the variance of a 2D array (total, row, and column variance). Here’s another practical example: What is the output of this puzzle?*Advanced Level* (solution below) Numpy is a popular Python library for data science focusing on arrays, vectors, and matrices. This puzzle introduces a … Read more

How do You Slice and Index Multidimensional Arrays in Numpy?

Python’s library for data science, NumPy, allows you to slice multidimensional arrays easily. For multi-dimensional slices, you can use one-dimensional slicing for each axis separately. You define the slices for each axis, separated by a comma. Here are a few examples drawn from my comprehensive NumPy tutorial. Take your time to thoroughly understand each of … Read more

How Does One Become a Freelance Coder?

Becoming a freelance coder is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because everybody can do it within a day or so. And it’s hard because most people fail miserably because they don’t know the right way of approaching this. Maybe you are interested in coding, or maybe you are already very good at coding. But … Read more

How Python Freelancing Helped Me Create a Thriving Coding Business on the Side

I’m a full-time online business owner working in the Python education space. But I started my career by working as a doctoral computer science researcher at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. While I was working there, I started my online business by finishing a few Python freelancing jobs. Creating a side-business helped me greatly in … Read more