Break Things and Be on the Right Side of Change in the Exponential World

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Here’s the drumbeat they’ve been pounding in your ears 24/7: πŸ₯

AIs will take your job, your income, your livelihood, your purpose, and eventually your life.

I assume you belong to either Group A or Group B:

  • Group A: If you’ve already made enough money to retire (unlikely), you are thinking of ways to invest to benefit from the exponential revolutions of decentralized P2P deflationary money, smart contracts, self-driving cars, precision fermentation, solar energy, humanoid robots, and ChatGPT. More on this later.
  • Group B: In the more likely case that you haven’t yet made enough money to invest and ride off into the sunset with your exponentially-growing investments, you’re probably experiencing some serious existential crises these days.

And I have to say, worrying about your future is understandable because you will either become irrelevant without purpose ( Group A) or lose your livelihood and job ( Group B).

So what can you do?

First, don’t panic.

Second, take a deep breath and open your mind. Disruption means opportunity. Disruption means opportunity. (After me…) “DISRUPTION MEANS OPPORTUNITY!”

Third, it is time to be bold. Imagine you’re in the midst of the 20th-century exponential disruption moving society away from horse carriages and into cars. The number of cars on the road increased exponentially, and in 13 short years, most jobs in the horse carriage maintenance business were gone for good.

You had two sensible choices: double down on horse carriage (ALL IN!) and prepare for lean years before it may get better, or accept and move on to new ventures πŸš—.

Both have a good chance of working.

But here’s what will not work for sure. Yet, it is the road most traveled:

Remain in the middle, i.e., staying in the “horse carriage business”, lukewarm, not doubling down but doing so-so work, and doubting your decision on a daily basis.

Here’s the main takeaway of today’s email: don’t be this guy. πŸ‘†

The new Finxter motto is “Be on the Right Side of Change!” To help you with this, we create and publish these emails, blogs, and courses on the Finxter Academy.

For instance, we have courses on smart contract development (soon it’ll take off again πŸš€), ChatGPT, Python and visualization, web projects, and we add new courses every couple of weeks. All of our courses concern exponential technologies and have downloadable PDF certificates to showcase your employer or freelance client.

If you feel overwhelmed and sad, don’t be. You have full control of the trajectory of your life. You are the captain of your own ship! You can start your own business, use ChatGPT to satisfy clients’ needs in minutes, πŸ˜‰ break out of the boring world your environment has put you in.

This email aims to give you hope πŸƒ and permission to try out new and unconventional ways to approach life. I’ve always advocated that the old ways will not work forever. Don’t take your parents’ advice (or even mine) because they would’ve told you the world market for computers is a couple of dozens, Bitcoin is stupid internet money (at $1/BTC), and solar energy cannot power the world.

Break things. You don’t want to be conventional in the exponential age!

To your success! πŸš€

This email was written at 21th of March 2023 to the Finxter email academy (free newsletter). You can signup here or by downloading the cheat sheets: