Can I Start Freelancing as an Intermediate-Level Python Programmer?

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For sure! You should have started much earlier. Have a look at the income distribution of Python freelancers (source):

Python freelancer
Hourly Rate as a Python Freelancer Online

It resembles a Gaussian distribution around the average value of $51 per hour. So if you are an average Python freelancer, you can earn $51 per hour in the US!

I have gained a lot of experience at the freelancing platform Many beginner-level Python coders earn very good money finishing smaller code projects. If you are an intermediate-level Python coder and interested in freelancing, you should start earning money ASAP.

The big benefit is not only that you are getting paid to learn and improving your Python skills even further. It’s more about learning the right skill sets that will make you successful online: communication, marketing, and also coding (the practical stuff that’s important).

Only practice can push you to the next level. And working as a Python freelancer online will give you a lot of practice for sure!

Here’s a step-by-step blog tutorial I once wrote about how to become a Python freelancer.

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