Can I Use Anthropic’s Claude 2 in LangChain?

πŸ’‘ Langchain is an open-source toolkit for building language model applications. It’s designed to make it easier to integrate language models into your AI apps, giving you a set of tools and APIs for this purpose. Langchain is not a language model itself but a framework for using language models in development projects. Anthropic’s Claude … Read more

Human Software Developers vs ChatGPT – Who’s Better in Fixing GitHub Pull Requests?

In the age of alien technology — large language models (LLMs), advanced AI and machine learning — it’s easy to fall into the belief that human roles, especially in tasks like software engineering, are on the verge of being replaced. I’m definitely guilty of prematurely announcing various job roles dead, even though they are not … Read more

From AI Scaling to Mechanistic Interpretability

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of scaling laws, mechanistic interpretability, and how they impact the development of artificial intelligence. From asking why the universe responds to throwing large amounts of computing power at vast amounts of data to discussing the emergence of specific abilities in AI models, Dario, the CEO of Anthropic AI, provides … Read more