Creating a Live Bitcoin Price Chart Using Binance API (No API Key!)

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a simple live-updating Bitcoin price chart using the Binance API. This straightforward guide will cover all the necessary HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code required to get started with real-time cryptocurrency price tracking. You don’t need much for this tutorial: βœ… We’ll create a single HTML document that … Read more

How I Created a Calculator App Using Django – Part 3

We have finished designing the calculator app. Using a hypertext markup language (HTML), we set the structure of the calculator. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) was used to beautify the calculator and to design the layout. Finally, we used JavaScript to make the app interact with other buttons and perform basic calculations. Our task is … Read more

How I Built a Virtual Assistant like Siri using ChatGPT Prompting (No Code!)

Siri sucks. 😞 I am a Siri user, and Siri fails me more than it performs for me. It doesn’t understand the chain of commands. Project Idea: Recreate Siri Using ChatGPT This got me thinking, “What if I can repurpose ChatGPT to work like Siri?”. So before I tell you how the prompt looks like … Read more

How I Created a Football Prediction App on Streamlit

This tutorial shows you how I created a model to predict football results using Poisson distribution. You’ll learn how I designed an interactive dashboard on Streamlit where our users can select a team and get to know the odds of a home win, draw, or away win. Here’s a live demo of using the app … Read more

Plotly Dash vs. Streamlit

What are Plotly Dash and Streamlit? Plotly Dash and Streamlit are both open-source Python libraries for creating interactive web applications for data visualization and analysis. The libraries are designed to make it easy for developers to create visually appealing and informative dashboards and reports that can be shared with others through a web browser. Some … Read more

Play the Python Number Guessing Game – Can You Beat It?

In today’s quick session, I’ll show you a simple Python game that I found interesting because it helps you understand some simple Python concepts such as string formatting and user interaction. 🎲 The Game: The Python script will choose a random number between 1 and 10. You attempt to guess the number. The script gives … Read more

Creating an Advent Calendar App in Python with AI Image Creation

This blog describes a fun mini Python project using AI image creation for creating artwork for an advent calendar implemented using PyGame. Context It’s December 1st, and my daughter has just opened the first door on her physical advent calendar, counting down the days of the festival of general consumerism that some people call Christmas. … Read more

Android App Developer — Income and Opportunity

Before we learn about the money, let’s get this question out of the way: What Does an Android App Developer Do? An Android app developer is a programmer who focuses on software creation for mobile devices such as smartphones or wearables using the Android operating system. Feel free to check out our other articles on … Read more