Tesla Stock Valuation ($1,169) Humanoid, FSD, Robotaxi, Cars, Energy

First of all, check out my video that guides you through my May 2024 valuation of the Tesla stock. It’ll be still relevant 2-3 years from now: πŸ‘‡ Overview Tesla Profit From Car Sales Profit From Full Self-Driving (FSD) Tesla’s ambitious Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology holds immense potential. With an estimated 24.6 million Tesla cars … Read more

Valuing $NVIDIA as a Real Estate Company That Sells Housing to AI Agents ($100k/Share in 2034)

Determining the true worth of Nvidia stocks has been a journey of blending qualitative insights with hard numbers. I’ve taken on the task of performing a traditional discounted cash flow analysis, examining not just one, but two different scenarios: the pessimistic and the optimistic. It’s crucial first to set the foundation with some qualitative data … Read more

What is Hugging Face Used For? Exploring its Applications in Machine Learning

Introduction to Hugging Face Hugging Face is a gem for AI enthusiasts like you, cradled by the innovation of French entrepreneurs ClΓ©ment Delangue, Julien Chaumond, and their team. Born in New York City, it’s a blossoming platform where open-source thrives. Imagine a playground where artificial intelligence and machine learning collide in harmonyβ€”that’s what Hugging Face … Read more

Google Making Billions of AI – The Investment Case for Alphabet

Google’s annual revenue jumped from $100 billion to over $300 billion in six years: Year Revenue Growth 2011 $37,905 2012 $46,039 21.46% 2013 $55,519 20.59% 2014 $66,001 18.88% 2015 $74,989 13.62% 2016 $90,272 20.38% 2017 $110,855 22.80% 2018 $136,819 23.42% 2019 $161,857 18.30% 2020 $182,527 12.77% 2021 $257,637 41.15% 2022 $282,836 9.78% 2023 $307,394 8.68% … Read more

Tesla Leaps in Artificial Intelligence – Robotaxi, Optimus Bot, and FSD Updates Q1 2024

Tesla is doubling down on its focus on becoming the global leader for large-scale AI applications such as self-driving cars and humanoid robots: “While many are pulling back on their investments, we are investing in future growth– including our AI infrastructure, production capacity, our Supercharger and servicenetworks and new products infrastructure – with $2.8B of … Read more

Building Complex Multi-Agent Teams and Setups with LangGraph

πŸ’‘ Info: This course is a complete text tutorial. It’s based on our academy course. If you’re interested in video explainers, check out the course here. Hi and welcome to this course on building complex multi-agent teams and setups using LangGraph, LangChain, and LangSmith. In this course we’ll start from the ground up using LangChain, … Read more

[Full Tutorial] OpenAI Fine-Tuning: Creating a Chatbot of Yourself (Example: ChrisGPT)

Hi and welcome to this course on fine-tuning ChatGPT with the OpenAI API. In this course we’ll not just look at how to deal with the fine-tuning API endpoints itself, but also how to run the fine-tuned model, and most importantly, the data preparation and validation steps so that you will be able to do … Read more

Creating Wealth in an AI-Driven World: Your 5-Step Action Plan

AI has scaled and solved what we traditionally call work or intelligent labor, understanding where and how to position yourself for prosperity requires a shift in perspective. It’s a paradigm shift! Let’s dive into five specific, actionable strategies that resonate with this new paradigm. 1. Master the Art of Resource Allocation Rights In a world … Read more

I Just Found This All-GPTs Dataset on GitHub: 300k OpenAI GPTs

I recently stumbled upon an amazing GitHub repository, “openai-gpts-data”, which is a treasure trove of data on 349K OpenAI Custom GPT models. This dataset is incredibly valuable for anyone involved in the tech, coding, or AI fields. If you’re a coder (like me) looking for real-world data to train your models, an AI expert keen … Read more