Create Your Own YouTube Video Downloader

Project Description I was watching a certain course on YouTube and wanted to download the entire playlist so that I could watch it while I would travel via flight. However, downloading a YouTube video would mean I would have to use some third-party application to download the videos one by one. That is when I … Read more

Automate Backup to Google Drive with Python

Project Description Every day I find myself in a position where I have to take daily backup of a certain folder named Reports and store it in my Google drive. This is an essential folder for me since I store all the necessary documents (especially reports). Hence, keeping a backup of this folder in the … Read more

[Python Project] Data Conversion Bot with Automated Email Functionality

πŸ‘Ύ GitHub Link: As one of my first Python scripts, I coded a data conversion bot with automated email functionality in Python 3. As you go over this tutorial, feel free to watch my explainer video as well: Why This Project? The script helped me save time by letting the computer do the busy … Read more