Auto-GPT: Command Line Arguments and Usage

This quick guide assumes you have already set up Auto-GPT. If you haven’t, follow our in-depth guide on the Finxter blog. Use ./ –help (Linux/macOS) or .\run.bat –help (Windows) to list command line arguments. For Docker, substitute docker-compose run –rm auto-gpt in examples. Common Auto-GPT arguments include: –ai-settings <filename>, –prompt-settings <filename>, and –use-memory <memory-backend>. Short … Read more

Organize Files by Suffix: How I Created a Python Script to Automate a Boring Task

Does the nature of your work involve going through a folder full of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of files? What if you were told to organize those files according to their extension in a subdirectory, imagine how boring and time-consuming such a task would be if the files contain dozens of extensions! What if … Read more

What is AutoGPT and How to Get Started?

Check out the following explainer video of AutoGPT 🀯 (video source) Understanding AutoGPT AutoGPT is an experimental open-source application that showcases the capabilities of the GPT-4 language modelπŸš€. It autonomously develops and manages businesses, aiming to increase their net worth πŸ’ΌπŸ’°. As one of the first examples of GPT-4 running fully autonomously, AutoGPT truly pushes … Read more

How I Integrated ChatGPT with Zapier: Your Simple Guide

If you’re looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate your work, integrating ChatGPT with Zapier is an excellent way to achieve this. πŸ’‘ ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, can help you tackle various tasks with its advanced text generation capabilities. Connecting it to Zapier, a popular automation platform, allows you to create … Read more

How I Use Python to Automate My Cover Letters

Project Description I was recently thinking of applying for a job change. Many of my friends have already acquired numerous offer letters of late with lucrative salary packages. I was itching to try my luck out in the industry as well. But time and tide wait for none, and I didn’t have much time left … Read more

How I Generate Invoices For My Clients Using Python

Project Description Being self-employed personnel means I regularly need to generate Invoices for my clients to receive the payments. Now, this is a manual task that I have to perform using excel sheets and then convert them into PDFs. That is why I came up with a script that would automate the entire task for … Read more

Create Your Own YouTube Video Downloader

Project Description I was watching a certain course on YouTube and wanted to download the entire playlist so that I could watch it while I would travel via flight. However, downloading a YouTube video would mean I would have to use some third-party application to download the videos one by one. That is when I … Read more

Receive Automated Email Notification on Website Update

Project Description This project is a demonstration of a live project on Upwork. We will replicate the entire process using a different URL. We will check for changes in the website after every hour and if there are changes to its content, we will immediately send an automated email to notify that the website has … Read more

Automate Backup to Google Drive with Python

Project Description Every day I find myself in a position where I have to take daily backup of a certain folder named Reports and store it in my Google drive. This is an essential folder for me since I store all the necessary documents (especially reports). Hence, keeping a backup of this folder in the … Read more