Injecting Life Energy Into AIs with Bitcoin, LLMs, APIs, & Lightning βš‘πŸ€–

I assume you’re a human reader even though the apriori probability is not on my side on this assumption. As a human, you need calories to power your daily life. But if you have enough calories, air, and water, you can survive everywhere, develop, and figure out the small and big problems. If you’re powered … Read more

Ark Protocol – Does This New Bitcoin Protocol Enhance Lightning’s Liquidity, Scalability, and Privacy?

The Ark protocol, by eliminating liquidity management and payment channels, enabling privacy and scalability of Bitcoin layer-2 transactions without introducing yet another shitcoin. The 20-something-year old genius developer Burak presents the protocol on the Bitcoin ’23 conference: It operates without the need for managing channel capacities, a notable limitation in the Lightning Network. This approach … Read more

Bitcoin vs Gold

Tech Stack: I created this article using the following steps: Listen to the debate in audio: 🎼 Bitcoin is hailed as a modern innovation in value storage, limited to 21 million coins, which echoes gold’s scarcity without the risk of supply increase. Its divisibility and portability surpass that of gold, enabling easier and faster transactions … Read more