The Battle Between Centralization and Decentralization in Tech

Once upon a time, I was a distributed systems researcher specializing in graph partitioning algorithms. Those were thrilling days, though I must admit I didn’t enjoy the daily commute and the time away from my family. During that period, I delved deep into classic distributed systems conundrums like the Byzantine Generals Problem. When I discovered … Read more

Coinbase API: Getting Historical Price for Multiple Days Made Easy

Coinbase API v2 is a powerful tool for developers to access real-time and historical cryptocurrency data. One of the most common use cases for the API is to retrieve historical price data for multiple days, which can be used for analysis, modeling, and forecasting. However, getting historical price data for multiple days using Coinbase API … Read more

How Bitcoin Solves the Byzantine Generals Problem

Overview 🏰 Picture a mighty city, surrounded by a bunch of Byzantine generals πŸ’‚β€β™‚οΈ, trying to unite and plan an epic attack! But oh no! 😱 Some of these generals might be traitors πŸ•΅οΈ, who’ll backstab the others and ruin the plan. They need a foolproof way to agree on a battle strategy while handling … Read more

Bitcoin – Trading Moving Averages or HODL? A Python Script Uncovers the Answer!

I’ve always wondered if a slow and high-level trading strategy focusing on long-term trends could outperform a buy-and-hold strategy. To answer this question, I created a Python script that would utilize a momentum-based strategy to tell me when to buy and when to sell Bitcoin. Despite my busy life and doubts that day trading would … Read more

Python Time Series Forecast – A Guided Example on Bitcoin Price Data

A Time Series is essentially a tabular data with the special feature of having a time index. The common forecast task is ‘knowing the past (and sometimes the present), predict the future’. This task, taken as a principle, reveals itself in several ways: in how to interpret your problem, in feature engineering, and in which … Read more

10 Long-Term BTC Price Predictions by Finance Gurus (2023)

This article will examine the Bitcoin price predictions of many experts in the broad finance and investment industry. Methodology: Experts were selected with a breadth of understanding and reputation in the financial industry. Disclaimer: This is 100% subjective, and we neither recommend buying or selling BTC as a result of this study. We are no … Read more

Can a Miner Change a Bitcoin Transaction?

You should always apply your own critical thinking when it comes to the crypto space. One question asked by many critical thinkers who know the overall idea of the Bitcoin protocol but not yet its technicalities is: πŸ’¬ Question: What if a miner is not trustworthy and tries to change my transaction? Can the miner … Read more

Common Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchains

We know what a blockchain is and its wide applications. Blockchain is a distributed computing technology involving multiple nodes distributed across geographies. The problem is to ensure that each node gets the exact copy of the data. Hence, some protocol is needed to achieve this unison or consensus. This post tries to cover the need … Read more

How to Use FTX REST API in Python

This article explains how to use the REST API to access FTX in Python so that you can build your trading program. As you go through the article, you can also watch our article tutorial video: What is FTX? FTX is an exchange where users can trade various digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, tokenised stocks … Read more

Bollinger Bands Algorithm – Python Binance API for Crypto Trading

A Bollinger Band consists of three lines: a simple moving average, an upper band, and a lower band. The assumption is that if the real price crosses over one of the bands, this can be seen as a signal to trade in or our of a given asset. For cryptocurrencies, breakout trades are more frequently … Read more