What Is Autogen Studio? Building Multi-Agent Systems 101

A single human being is a magical complex system capable of many things. However, the real fun starts if you align and orchestrate the effort of thousands of human beings behind a single purpose. One human can build a hut πŸ›–, 1000s of humans can build pyramids. The same holds for multi-agent AI systems of … Read more

Exploring Role-Play Prompting LLMs – What Does Science Say?

Large Language Models (LLMs) can sometimes feel like alien technology. In other words, we don’t fully understand how they work or what they’re truly capable of. It’s akin to stone-age people trying to use advanced alien technology, occasionally causing it to spark, leaving us in awe of its magical capabilities. Through billions of trials and … Read more

Mixtral 8x7B Outperforms LLaMA 2 and Beats ChatGPT in Speed by 21x to 44x!

What Is Mixtral 8x7B? Mixtral 8x7B is a cutting-edge language model developed by Mistral AI. It outperforms the Llama 2 70B model on various benchmarks, while being six times faster. Notably, it can speak multiple languages and is a skilled coder. Plus it can manage a sequence length (context window) of 32,000 tokens. How Fast … Read more

3 Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There are many routes to making money with ChatGPT as a prompt engineer. Let’s examine three! The Ugly Route #1 – Create Massive Amounts of Garbage Content 🧌 The obvious way is to use it to create massive amounts of content. As a Python prompt engineer, you can create a pipeline that crawls webpages, passes … Read more

Introducing FinxterGPT — Your State-of-the-Art Learning Experience at Finxter Academy

As I strolled down memory lane today, my mind wandered back to my university days. Those were times of sitting on crowded lecture hall floors, straining to follow along as professors delved into complex theoretical computer science, for instance. Within minutes, many of us were lost in a sea of jargon, our understanding dwindling with … Read more

GPT Store Disruption – The Next Foundational Platform Will Dwarf Today’s Big Tech Monopolies

In tech disruptions, the real game-changer isn’t always the invention itself but how it’s used. Take Uber and Airbnb, for example. These aren’t just apps; they’re entire ecosystems that reshaped how we travel and stay, built upon the foundational platform of Apple’s App Store. Now, we’re at the brink of a similar revolution, this time … Read more

Embedding Your GPT in a Website

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Question: I want to integrate a (custom) GPT model into my website to enhance its interactive features with AI-driven capabilities. How do I achieve this while ensuring the AI functions effectively within the web environment and aligns with my site’s design and functionality? How do I ensure real-time responses, contextually relevant interactions, and an … Read more

Is AI Sentient? I Made a Coffee Break Python GPT, and This Happened 🀯

I just completed this fun puzzle creator GPT that tracks your Elo skills and challenges you with Python puzzles in the style of the Finxter app. It tracks your skills while you progress through subsequently more challenging Python puzzles. πŸ”—πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Try It Yourself: Coffee Break Python GPT (Finxter Original) You can try it yourself; it’s … Read more

Top 7 GPTs Created by Finxters

GPTs are versions of ChatGPT enhanced with additional data, APIs, or custom contexts and prompts. I believe opening GPTs creation to the community will be as historic as Apple’s creation of the App Store. Just as ordinary coders became millionaires by developing iPhone apps, we might see prompt engineers achieving similar success by creating GPTs … Read more

I Made a Shameless Grok Clone on OpenAI’s GPTs to Create Urgency for xAI

In a recent article, I wrote about xAI’s new large language model, Grok, that is about to launch globally. πŸ‘½ “Grok,” a term coined by Robert A. Heinlein in his science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land, refers to understanding something so deeply and completely that it becomes part of oneself. It’s like understanding … Read more