How to Create a Sample Spreadsheet With Dummy Data Using ChatGPT: A Concise Guide

I rely on spreadsheets every day to manage my business, make informed financial choices, and organize lists that help structure my day. My business simply couldn’t function without the aid of spreadsheets. 📈 Spreadsheets are immensely useful tools for managing and analyzing data. Among their many features, one invaluable capability is 💻 generating sample data … Read more

Hallucinations in AI – with ChatGPT Examples

Hallucinations in the AI context refer to AI-generated experiences, like text or images, that do not correspond to real-world input, leading to potentially false perceptions and misleading results for users. The term was coined in a 2018 ICLR paper written by Google’s AI Research group: 💡 Hallucinations in Neural Machine Translation – Agarwal et al. … Read more

Executive Summary of Bill Gates’ The Age of AI has begun

💡 This article summarizes Bill Gates’ article on “The Age of AI has begun” but focuses on the most important ideas for ease and speed of reading. I left the overall structure intact but reduced the text by approximately 70%. Time savings with average reading speed: 9 minutes. ⌛ 💡 In the article, Bill Gates … Read more

How I Designed an AI Blog Writing Tool with Streamlit

Barely four months since OpenAI unleashed ChatGPT, a human-behavior-mimicking chatbot that took the community by storm, they recently announced its successor, GPT-4. This development will continue to disrupt the global market and, unfortunately, take the jobs of millions of people. While it’s a welcome development for ChatGPT users looking to explore the capabilities of AI … Read more

1 Billion Coders – Prompting Is The New Programming

Introduction 🧑‍💻 Prompting and GPT-4💡 Main argument: Prompting is programming for the masses The recent release of GPT-4 has taken the tech world by storm, providing powerful AI-driven solutions that transform how we work and interact with technology. 💡 Recommended: GPT-4 is Out! A New Language Model on Steroids One such groundbreaking innovation is “Prompting”, … Read more

OpenAI’s Speech-to-Text API: A Comprehensive Guide

Here’s an obvious statement: audio and video recordings are an essential part of our daily lives. Recently, I consulted a young startup in the food AI space on how to convert video to text, and I recommended them Google’s speech recognition software. Yet, Google’s models are not great — only best in class at this … Read more

How I Built a Virtual Assistant like Siri using ChatGPT Prompting (No Code!)

Siri sucks. 😞 I am a Siri user, and Siri fails me more than it performs for me. It doesn’t understand the chain of commands. Project Idea: Recreate Siri Using ChatGPT This got me thinking, “What if I can repurpose ChatGPT to work like Siri?”. So before I tell you how the prompt looks like … Read more