OpenAI Wants Us to Create GPTs, i.e., Miniature AI Agent Helpers

GPTs are tailored, customized versions of ChatGPT. Everybody can create their own GPTs and publish them for everybody. The idea is to simplify doing all kinds of tasks. We can teach GPTs just by talking to them in natural language — no coding needed! This is what GPTs look like: And here’s how you can … Read more

GPT-4’s Hindsight Portfolio for Painfully Obvious Investments Looking Back from 2030 🔮

My goal with Finxter is to help you stay on the right side of change. I firmly believe that in the next decades, you need to be an asset holder and owner rather than just being a worker bee being increasingly replaced by automation. But what investments to hold to be on the right side … Read more

Prompt Engineering with Llama 2 (Full Course)

💡 This Llama 2 Prompt Engineering course helps you stay on the right side of change. Our course is meticulously designed to provide you with hands-on experience through genuine projects. 🔗 Prompt Engineering with Llama 2: Four Practical Projects using Python, Langchain, and Pinecone You’ll delve into practical applications such as book PDF querying, payroll auditing, and … Read more

DALL·E 3: Art Professors, Can Machines Truly Not Create Art?

OpenAI’s DALL·E has made impressive progress (Image Credits). Look at one of the first Finxter posts on DALL·E: 🔗 Recommended: I Created My First DALL·E Image in Python OpenAI Using Four Easy Steps Now look at the new DALL·E images: 🔗 Recommended: Chat(GPT) with Images – These Five Prompts Will Impress Your Coworkers All of … Read more

Human Software Developers vs ChatGPT – Who’s Better in Fixing GitHub Pull Requests?

In the age of alien technology — large language models (LLMs), advanced AI and machine learning — it’s easy to fall into the belief that human roles, especially in tasks like software engineering, are on the verge of being replaced. I’m definitely guilty of prematurely announcing various job roles dead, even though they are not … Read more

Chain-of-Verification: This Novel Prompting Technique Fights Hallucinations in LLMs

Large language models (LLMs) often hallucinate—generating plausible yet incorrect information. Recent research by Meta AI researchers explores a promising technique to address this issue, termed Chain-of-Verification (CoVe). Quick Overview of Chain-of-Verification (CoVe) CoVe takes a systematic approach to enhance the veracity of the responses generated by large language models. It’s a four-step dance: This technique … Read more

[Fixed] OpenAI Playground Speed Differences – GPT-3.5 API 30x Slower Than ChatGPT?

Problem Formulation I encountered a significant delay in the response times on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo API as compared to the ChatGPT — and I’m not alone with this (source). The latency is particularly noticeable when using certain accounts, with the delay making the API almost unusable for real-time applications. Solution Idea: Experiment with Difference User … Read more

Chat(GPT) with Images – These Five Prompts Will Impress Your Coworkers

Example 1 – “Find Bug in Code Screenshot” In the following ChatGPT interaction, I tried pasting an image of a code snippet with a bug. Note that I didn’t paste the code, only the screenshot of the code as an image! I also gave it the prompt “Find the bug!“. First, it does fix the … Read more

GPT-4 with Vision (GPT-4V) Is Out! 32 Fun Examples with Screenshots

💡 TLDR: GPT-4 with vision (GPT-4V) is now out for many ChatGPT Plus users in the US and some other regions! You can instruct GPT-4 to analyze image inputs. GPT-4V incorporates additional modalities such as image inputs into large language models (LLMs). Multimodal LLMs will expand the reach of AI from mainly language-based applications to … Read more

20 Ways to Make Money with GPT-4

OpenAI’s GPT-4 has revolutionized the AI landscape and opened up numerous opportunities for individuals to make money. In this article, we will explore 20 ways to leverage GPT-4 and generate income. Whether you’re a freelancer, social media influencer, or aspiring entrepreneur, these strategies will help you tap into the potential of GPT-4 and make money … Read more

OpenAI API Functions & Embeddings Course (1/7): Simple Function Request

💡 Full Course with Videos and Course Certificate (PDF): Course Overview 👋 Hi, and welcome. I’m Dirk van Meerveld, and I’ll be your host and guide for this tutorial series, where we’ll be focussing on OpenAi’s ChatGPT function calls and the embeddings API. Function calls will allow us to make ChatGPT even smarter by … Read more