16 PDF Cheat Sheets for Programmers

A couple of years ago, I fell into the habit of creating cheat sheets when exploring certain areas in the programming space. Over time, hundreds of thousands of Finxters have downloaded and used them in their own learning journeys. However, the cheat sheets are largely scattered around many different locations on the Finxter ecosystem. And … Read more

Top 37 Python Machine Learning Library Cheat Sheets

This article is a collection of useful machine learning cheat sheets focusing on the Python libraries such as Theano, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, NetworkX, and other ML-related Python libraries. You may want to check out these great resources that cover many of these topics at once: https://becominghuman.ai/cheat-sheets-for-ai-neural-networks-machine-learning-deep-learning-big-data-science-pdf-f22dc900d2d7 https://gto76.github.io/python-cheatsheet/ https://www.pythonsheets.com/ Theano Cheat Sheets Theano is a Library … Read more

Best 15+ Machine Learning Cheat Sheets to Pin to Your Toilet Wall

Toilet Wall Cheat Sheet

This article compiles for you the 15 best cheat sheets in the web that help you get started with machine learning. If you’re short on time, here are the 15 direct PDF links (open in a new tab): Supervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Unsupervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Deep Learning (Afshine Amidi) Machine Learning Tips and Tricks … Read more

Top 10 PyCharm Cheat Sheets

Hey Finxters! We all need cheat sheets for Python and all its intricacies. Python has many libraries and there are so many IDE applications you can use  with it! One of these IDEs is called Pycharm! I want to introduce you to some of Pycharms shortcuts! Let’s get started right away! Full PyCharm Tutorial Finxter … Read more

Top 10 Go Cheat Sheets

Hey Finxters! It is time to do yet another cheat sheet! This time we are going to step away from Python (only for a moment!) and discuss GoLang. Unlike Python, which is dynamic- GoLang is a procedural and statically typed language similar to the C programming language. It is currently one of the trending programming … Read more