Can I Use OpenAI API Commercially? Yes But Know This!

OpenAI API Commercial Use OpenAI has partnered with Microsoft to bring their advanced AI technologies to a broader audience. This collaboration enables businesses to utilize OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI models and services, such as the OpenAI API, for various commercial purposes. The OpenAI API serves as a commercial product, giving you access to their most advanced … Read more

Get Rich with OpenAI — 20 Ways to $100,000+ Using AI as a Wealth Generation Machine

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling OpenAI API Freelancing Services on Upwork

The OpenAI and Upwork Partnership The partnership between Upwork and OpenAI aims to connect businesses with highly skilled independent professionals experienced in working with OpenAI technology. This collaboration brings together Upwork, the world’s work marketplace, and OpenAI, a leading AI research and deployment company, to offer a trust-driven platform for companies seeking OpenAI expertise. The … Read more

Moats – What One-Person Coding Startups Can Learn From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett emphasizes building a business with a strong “moat,” or barrier to entry, likening it to an economic castle. For coding businesses, increasing this barrier involves enhancing skills, investing more money in high-ROI activities, and dedicating focused time. This approach, as Buffett suggests, makes a business more robust and profitable. I just watched the … Read more

Making $1M Every Year with 0 Employees: How an Unassuming Millionaire Coded Photopea All By Himself

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11 Profitable Ways to Make Money as a Prompt Engineer (2023)

In the US, 59.8 percent of the workforce are white collar workers. Most of them will eventually be disrupted by AI tools. Many of them can already be replaced by large language models as shown in recent research: This will release much of the work in our society and causes significant prosperity for society overall. … Read more

55 Best Ideas to Make Money with Python

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8 Millionaire Tips to Reach Financial Freedom as a Coder

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How to Sponsor the Finxter Newsletter

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7 Key Insights on How Generative AI Will Change the Economy

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» In this article, I’ll share seven key insights on how ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs) will change the job markets and global economy after reading the most recent McKinsey report on “The economic potential of generative AI”. Insight 1: Generative AI’s Potential to Infuse Trillions into the Global Economy The potential economic influence … Read more