Making $1M Every Year with 0 Employees: How an Unassuming Millionaire Coded Photopea All By Himself

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11 Profitable Ways to Make Money as a Prompt Engineer (2023)

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55 Best Ideas to Make Money with Python

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8 Millionaire Tips to Reach Financial Freedom as a Coder

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How to Sponsor the Finxter Newsletter

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AI-Assisted Coding: New Google Research Says How You Should Use It

As the landscape of technology and machine learning evolves, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift in the field of software development. The advent of AI-powered code-writing assistants, like Github’s Copilot, Alphabet’s DeepMind’s AlphaCode, and Amazon’s CodeWhisperer, is revolutionizing the traditional practice of writing code and molding new development workflows. This Finxter article based on a new … Read more – Eight Steps to Start an AI Subscription Biz

Having created multiple online ventures and reached tens of millions of users during the last 5-10 years, I am confused when realizing that many of my close friends and Finxter members believe they are “too late to the game” or they have “missed the train”. This is for all the ambitious coders who have not … Read more