What Non-Programming Skills to Learn Online That Will Explode Your Career Options?

Do you work in the software development industry? Big news: programming expertise is an important skill set that will help you accelerate your career. For example, one of the most satisfying and highest-paying jobs are DevOps specialists (read more on my blog article about this excellent job description). But DevOps specialists need to have a high-level of coding expertise—gained … Read more

How to Prepare for the Next Crash?

First of all, I have no clue when the next market crash will come. Neither is it important to know the exact date. Having said this, there are many clues that the next market correction may come soon. The FED may expect it as indicated by the flattening yield curve of US government bonds. Yet, … Read more

A Simple Formula on How to Invest for Retirement as a Self-Employed Freelance Coder

No matter where you live, relying on the government to take care for your retirement is a stupid gamble—with your future at stakes. Nobody can see even 10 years into the future. And your government cannot guarantee to you that they will fund your retirement—you don’t even know how your government will look like in … Read more

How to Invest as a Python Programmer?

Investing is the most natural thing in the universe. Trees invest energy into seeds. Parents invest time, money, and sleepless nights into their children. Companies invest in employees. States invest in public school systems. They invest because they expect growth of their investments. The one who invests more and smarter has a huge structural advantage. … Read more

Why Does Finxter Exist?

Finxter helps you push code projects towards attainment. This article introduces the mission statement of Finxter. Your continuous improvement in coding, business, and productivity is at the core of everything we do. Set yourself on the road towards coding and computer science mastery! Learn the relevant business skills to make your coding business thrive! Be … Read more