How Many Publications Does One Need to Get a Ph.D. in Computer Science?

The following answer is based on my experience as a doctoral researcher in distributed systems. Computer science is a big field with vast differences in the quality and quantity requirements of your Ph.D. supervisor. Having said this, you’ll probably need somewhere between two to five publications to get a Ph.D. in computer science. I have … Read more

Python vs Go – Which Language Should You Choose in 2024

Both Python and Go are extremely relevant today. Both languages are widely used. Golang fans argue that people flock from Python to the newer and faster language Golang, also known as Go. Is this true? Not really. See this search volume comparison from Google Trends: 👇 Go is a much newer language than Python, released … Read more

LlamaIndex – What the Fuzz?

🦙 LlamaIndex is a powerful tool to implement the “Retrieval Augmented Generation” (RAG) concept in practical Python code. If you want to become an exponential Python developer who wants to leverage large language models (aka. Alien Technology) to 10x your coding productivity, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started with the concept first. … Read more

Transformer vs Autoencoder: Decoding Machine Learning Techniques

An autoencoder is a neural network that learns to compress and reconstruct unlabeled data. It has two parts: an encoder that processes the input, and a decoder that reproduces it. While the original transformer model was an autoencoder with both encoder and decoder, OpenAI’s GPT series uses only a decoder. In a way, transformers are … Read more

Scalable Graph Partitioning for Distributed Graph Processing

I just realized that the link to my doctoral thesis doesn’t work, so I decided to host it on the Finxter blog as a backup. Find the thesis here: 🔗 PDF Download link: Here’s the abstract: 💡 Abstract: Distributed graph processing systems such as Pregel, PowerGraph, or GraphX have gained popularity due to their … Read more

Python Multiprocessing Pool [Ultimate Guide]

Python Multiprocessing Fundamentals 🚀 Python’s multiprocessing module provides a simple and efficient way of using parallel programming to distribute the execution of your code across multiple CPU cores, enabling you to achieve faster processing times. By using this module, you can harness the full power of your computer’s resources, thereby improving your code’s efficiency. To … Read more

Boolean Operators in Python (and, or, not): Mastering Logical Expressions

Understanding Boolean Operators Boolean operators in Python help you create conditional statements to control the flow of your program. Python provides three basic Boolean operators: and, or, and not. These operators help you construct sophisticated expressions to evaluate the truth or falsity of different conditions. And Operator The and operator returns True if both of … Read more

AI Scaling Laws – A Short Primer

The AI scaling laws could be the biggest finding in computer science since Moore’s Law was introduced. 📈 In my opinion, these laws haven’t gotten the attention they deserve (yet), even though they could show a clear way to make considerable improvements in artificial intelligence. This could change every industry in the world, and it’s … Read more

8 Millionaire Tips to Reach Financial Freedom as a Coder

If you’re like me, you don’t want to hear tips from people who haven’t been there and done that, so let’s start with a few words on my financial situation: 👩‍💻 About Me: My investments and business portfolio is worth north of one million USD at the time of writing. While I’m technically financially free … Read more

Cross-Species Cooperation: Uniting Humans and Embodied AI through English Language

I stumbled upon an interesting new MIT and IBM Watson AI Lab project titled Building Cooperative Embodied Agents Modularly with Large Language Models. AI Breaks Out Of Your Screen If you’re like me, you are not deep into AI research, so let’s start with the question: What are embodied agents anyway? 👨‍💻 Definition: Embodied agents … Read more