What Data Structure or Algorithm’s Invention Sped Up a Certain Task Significantly?

In a way, most new algorithms either solved a previously unsolved problem or improved efficiency (in terms of memory overhead, speed, or other characteristics) of the previous solution. This is the fundamental cycle of scientific research. The binary tree data structure sped up database lookups significantly. Later B-Trees did the same thing. Dijkstra’s algorithm sped … Read more

What is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Python Programming?

My freelancer course member Pratyush wants to improve learning efficiency in Python. He asked me the question: “how can I accelerate the pace of my problem-solving mind?” Focus first and foremost on reading and writing massive amounts of code. It’s that simple. Maximize the time you are looking at source code, and improvement will come … Read more

Recursion: A Helpful Guide in Python

Recursion is a powerful tool in your coding toolbox. Understanding it is a key skill on your path to mastery. This article gives you a thorough introduction to this important computer science concept. What is Recursion? Stephen Hawking used a concise explanation: “to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.” Recursion is a concept in … Read more