The Bullish Case on Blockchains

The last 100 years have been economically dominated by corporations. Corporations have brought us health, wealth, and wisdom. Corporations organized the invention and distribution of drugs that saved billions of lives. Corporations took care of automation and efficiency gains and subsequently made billions of people live lives in prosperity and wealth — an average worker … Read more

Are Energy Costs and CapEx Invested in Bitcoin Worth It?

Bitcoin capital expenditure and energy overhead are often criticized to be unsustainably high. But are they worth it in relation to the value provided by the Bitcoin network? TLDR; Capex and energy costs are estimated using the USD value of the transaction fees paid by the Bitcoin traders. The value of the Bitcoin monetary system … Read more

How to Get All Transactions for a BTC Address in Python?

Problem Formulation Given a single Bitcoin address in the form of a stream of characters such as the address of the first “Genesis” block ever created on the Bitcoin blockchain: 12c6DSiU4Rq3P4ZxziKxzrL5LmMBrzjrJX How to get all transactions for this BTC address in a Python script? Solution To get all transactions of a given Bitcoin address, import … Read more

How to Get Binance API Prices in Python at a Precise Time?

Problem Formulation Say, you want to get the current price of a cryptocurrency using Python’s inofficial binance API. How do you do this for a precise point in time? Step 1: Install Python Binance with pip If you haven’t already, install the Python Binance API using the pip package manager. Run pip install python-binance in … Read more

The Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Freelancing Platforms

Can you earn money for cryptocurrencies? With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, the question naturally arise: can you sell your services for cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, or ADA instead of USD, EUR, or CHF? The answer is: YES. And it gets better: the main idea of the blockchain is to … Read more

[FANG KILLER ICP] Will the Internet Computer Disrupt Big Tech?

What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is blockchain technology and computing infrastructure initiated by the non-profit organization DFinity. Like the public Internet, the Internet Computer is a distributed computing platform consisting of thousands of connected and decentralized servers that host backend software. This idea mitigates the increasing monopolization of Internet services and enables … Read more