Is AI Sentient? I Made a Coffee Break Python GPT, and This Happened 🀯

I just completed this fun puzzle creator GPT that tracks your Elo skills and challenges you with Python puzzles in the style of the Finxter app. It tracks your skills while you progress through subsequently more challenging Python puzzles. πŸ”—πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Try It Yourself: Coffee Break Python GPT (Finxter Original) You can try it yourself; it’s … Read more

The Maximum Profit Algorithm in Python

This article presents an algorithmic problem with practical value for stock market analysis. For instance, suppose you are trading the cryptocurrency Ethereum. How much profit in dollars can you make by buying low and selling high based on historical data? Maximum Profit Basic Algorithm The max profit algorithm calculates the maximum profit you’d obtain by … Read more Puzzles by Topic

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How to Find the Maximum Value in a Python Dict?

There are three problem variants of finding the maximum value in a Python dictionary: In the following, you’ll learn how to solve those in the most Pythonic way: Find Maximum Value & Return Only Value The output is: Find Maximum Value & Return (Key, Value) Pair The output is: Find Maximum Value & Return Only … Read more

How to Sort in Python with the Lambda Function as Key Argument?

Challenge: This article shows how to sort a Python list using the key argument that takes a function object as an argument. Quick Solution: You can use the lambda function to create the function on the fly as shown in the following example: Explanation: The code uses the key argument and passes a lambda function … Read more