Midjourney vs ChatGPT: Reverse Engineering Sam Altman’s $27-Million Mansion in San Francisco

This article aims to compare the reverse prompting capabilities of GPT-4V versus Midjourney. As a running example, we’ll use pics of a beautiful mansion in San Francisco. As a fun fact, sources like this and this say this is indeed Sam Altman’s house. Altman’s Mansion 🔗 Original image. First, I passed this image into ChatGPT … Read more

DALL·E 3 Trick: Using Seeds to Recreate the Same Image

Problem Formulation You may have encountered the following: When issuing the same prompt twice to ChatGPT with DALL·E 3, you’ll get different images even though the prompt is identical. How can I recreate the same image in a new Chat, either for myself or for somebody else to reproduce it? Here’s an example in a … Read more

DALL·E 3: Art Professors, Can Machines Truly Not Create Art?

OpenAI’s DALL·E has made impressive progress (Image Credits). Look at one of the first Finxter posts on DALL·E: 🔗 Recommended: I Created My First DALL·E Image in Python OpenAI Using Four Easy Steps Now look at the new DALL·E images: 🔗 Recommended: Chat(GPT) with Images – These Five Prompts Will Impress Your Coworkers All of … Read more

Chat(GPT) with Images – These Five Prompts Will Impress Your Coworkers

Example 1 – “Find Bug in Code Screenshot” In the following ChatGPT interaction, I tried pasting an image of a code snippet with a bug. Note that I didn’t paste the code, only the screenshot of the code as an image! I also gave it the prompt “Find the bug!“. First, it does fix the … Read more

I Made a ChatGPT-Powered Logo Generator App Using Python Flask in 7 Steps

In this tutorial, I will show you my step-by-step process of creating a ChatGPT-powered Logo Generator App using Python Flask. This simple but powerful logo generator allows users to quickly generate unique and creative logos for their businesses. Demo Link: https://flask-openai-logo-app.vercel.app/ You can watch my explainer video here as you go through the project: Prerequisites … Read more