Plotly Dash vs. Streamlit

What are Plotly Dash and Streamlit? Plotly Dash and Streamlit are both open-source Python libraries for creating interactive web applications for data visualization and analysis. The libraries are designed to make it easy for developers to create visually appealing and informative dashboards and reports that can be shared with others through a web browser. Some … Read more

Plotly Dash: Bootstrap Indicator Components Made Easy

Welcome to the bonus content of “The Book of Dash”. πŸ€— Here you’ll find additional examples of Plotly Dash components, layouts and style. To learn more about making dashboards with Plotly Dash, and how to buy your copy of “The Book of Dash”, please see the reference section at the bottom of this article. This … Read more

(Fixed) Python ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named ‘Dash’

Quick Fix: Python raises the ImportError/ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘dash’ when it cannot find the library dash. The most frequent source of this error is that you haven’t installed dash explicitly with pip install dash. Alternatively, you may have different Python versions on your computer, and dash is not installed for the particular version you’re … Read more

Top 8 Profitable Python Packages to Learn in 2023

Are you interested in Python but you don’t know which Python library is most attractive from a career point of view? Well, you should focus on the library you’re most excited about. But if you’re generally open because you have multiple passions, it would be reasonable to also consider annual and hourly income. These are … Read more

Before After Image in Plotly Dash

πŸ’‘ This article will show you how to use the BeforeAfter image component in your Plotly Dash project. Dash book author Ann just created the following stunning web project visualizing before/after galaxy images from the James Webb Space Telescope in a simple and straightforward Dash app using the BeforeAfter component of the dash-extensions library. Before … Read more

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in Python?

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in the Terminal or Shell (Unix/macOS/Linux/Windows? To check the dash version in your Windows, Unix, macOS, or Linux environment, you can run the command pip list in your terminal or shell and locate the dash output with version information in the format x.y.z (e.g., 2.5.1) Here’s an example … Read more

The Book of Dash [Reviews]

On this page, I collect reviews from readers of The Book of Dash (NoStarch, 2022): Thanks for all your ❀️! “Perfect for any student of Data Science” “Just the book I’ve been looking for. This is the perfect next step for any Python student seeking to pivot into the Data Science niche. Easy to follow, … Read more