TensorFlow vs PyTorch — Who’s Ahead in 2023?

Is TensorFlow Better Than PyTorch? Since PyTorch made its way into the machine learning sphere in 2016, loyalists from both camps have sung the praises of their framework of choice.  Today, curious minds such as yourself are looking through page after page to find out which one is worth your valuable time and effort. Both … Read more

Plotting Vector Fields and Gradients for ANN Gradient Descent

👉 This is a follow-up article to Gradient Descent in Neural Nets – A Simple Guide to ANN Learning – Finxter, where a lightweight introduction to Gradient Descent is given. In this article, you will learn how to produce the graphs in that article, especially the vector fields! Data visualization is an enlightening task in … Read more

Plot Circle in Pyplot

How to Plot a Circle in Python? You can easily plot a circle in Matplotlib’s Pyplot library by calling plt.gca() to “get the current axis”. Then call the axis.add_patch() function and pass a plt.Circle() object into it. For example, the one-liner plt.gca().add_patch(plt.Circle((0.5, 0.5), 0.2, color=’lightblue’)) adds a lightblue circle to the plot at position x=0.5, … Read more

Blockchain Analytics: The Basics

Image source Blockchain. This new technology is changing the way transactions are recorded and verified, and it’s leading us into a new era with enticing promises: smart contracts, shared ledgers, immutable data records, and blockchain analytics. There are so many different ways to use this innovative blockchain analytics. Who wouldn’t want to know all about … Read more