Basketball Statistics – Page Scraping Using Python and BeautifulSoup

In this blog series, powerful Python libraries are leveraged to help uncover some hidden statistical truths in basketball. The first step in any data-driven approach is to identify and collect the data needed. Luckily for us, hosts pages of basketball data that can be easily scraped. The processes of this walkthrough can be easily … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Bivariate Analysis with Python

This article will review some of the critical techniques used in Exploratory Data Analysis, specifically for Bivariate Analysis. We will review some of the essential concepts, understand some of the math behind correlation coefficients and provide sufficient examples in Python for a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding. What is Bivariate Analysis? Exploratory Data Analysis, or EDA, is … Read more

Python Plot Logarithmic Axes — Easy Bitcoin Example

Quick Answer: To print a logarithmic x-axis or y-axis (base 10) without a Matplotlib axis object use plt.xscale(‘log’) or plt.yscale(‘log’). To set different bases or switch back to a linear scale, use {“linear”, “log”, “symlog”, “logit”} or set the basex and basey arguments (e.g., plt.yscale(‘log’, basey=2) for log base 2). Next, we’ll have a look … Read more