15 Highly Profitable Freelancing Niches Developers Miss Out On [Video Collection]

In this guide, I’ve compiled the top 7 freelancing niches I found highly profitable based on my experience working as a business owner and freelancer myself, hiring hundreds of freelance developers for my company, and teaching thousands of freelancing students through our books and courses. Each niche is presented with a video where I show … Read more

How to Get the Standard Deviation of a Python List?

This article shows you how to calculate the standard deviation of a given list of numerical values in Python. Definition and Problem Formulation The standard deviation is defined as the square root of the variance. In case you’ve attended your last statistics course a few years ago, let’s quickly recap the definition of variance: variance … Read more

np.diff() — A Simple Illustrated Guide

In Python, the numpy.diff() function calculates the n-th discrete difference between adjacent values in an array along with a given axis. For higher-order differences calculation, numpy.diff() runs recursively to the output of the previous execution. Here is the argument table of numpy.diff(): If it sounds great to you, please continue reading, and you will fully … Read more

How to Use Pandas Rolling – A Simple Illustrated Guide

This article will demonstrate how to use a pandas dataframe method called rolling(). What does the pandas.DataFrame.rolling() method do? In short, it performs rolling windows calculations. It is often used when working with time-series data or signal processing. I will shortly dive into a few practical examples to clarify what this means in practice. The … Read more

TensorFlow Developer – Income and Opportunity

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