[FANG KILLER ICP] Will the Internet Computer Disrupt Big Tech?

What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is blockchain technology and computing infrastructure initiated by the non-profit organization DFinity. Like the public Internet, the Internet Computer is a distributed computing platform consisting of thousands of connected and decentralized servers that host backend software. This idea mitigates the increasing monopolization of Internet services and enables … Read more

What are the Applications of Graphs in Computer Science?

[Reading time: 9 minutes] Graphs are everywhere. They are used in social networks, the world wide web, biological networks, semantic web, product recommendation engines, mapping services, blockchains, and Bitcoin flow analyses. Furthermore, they’re used to define the flow of computation of software programs, to represent communication networks in distributed systems, and to represent data relationships … Read more

Python HTML Get Parameter

Problem Formulation: How to perform an HTTP get call in Python? Solution: Use Python’s requests library. This is semantically equivalent to issuing an HTTP get call: http://example.com?param_1=value_1&param_2=value_2 In fact, you can obtain this exact URL by using the r.url attribute on the request object: You can find the text response by using the r.text attribute … Read more

How to Send UDP Multicast in Python?

Problem Formulation: How to send and receive UDP multicast messages in Python? Background: Multicast is a distributed systems concept for group communication over a network (one-to-many or many-to-many). The choice of the network “transport layer” which the Multicast uses determines its type—for example, IP Multicast is sending a multicast over the IP layer and UDP … Read more

How to Send UDP Messages in Python?

Problem Formulation: How to send and receive UDP messages in Python? Background: The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) network layer allows you to send messages without providing deliverability guarantees. UDP is unreliable—massages may be lost or delivered out of order. But this makes UDP also fast, lightweight, and the protocol of choice for many streaming scenarios … Read more

MapReduce — A Helpful Illustrated Guide

MapReduce is the name of both (i) a distributed processing programming model provided by the Apache Foundation, and (ii) a functional processing technique. It consists of two steps: the map() function and the reduce() function. Map() converts each element in a data set into a modified element. Reduce() takes subsets of modified elements and aggregates … Read more

Apache Spark – A Short Overview

Large companies analyze massive amounts of data coming from various sources such as social nets, weblogs, or customers. An important class of data analytics concerns large-scale set operations. Suppose you have two customer data sets A and B. Set A contains all customers who bought in 2017. Set B contains all customers who bought in … Read more