Bitcoin Is Not Bad For the Environment

🟠 Story: Alice has just been orange-pilled and decides to spend a few hours reading Bitcoin articles. She lands on a mainstream media article on “Bitcoin’s high energy consumption” proposing alternative (centralized) “green coins” that supposedly solve the problem of high energy consumption. Alice gets distracted and invests in green tokens, effectively buying the bags … Read more

I Read the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023 And Wasn’t Impressed

The Future of Jobs Survey 2023 comprises responses from 803 companies across 27 industries and 45 economies, employing over 11.3 million workers. Key findings from the report are: The data source and report are available at the World Economic Forum website here. Let’s have a look at the most interesting graphs and charts from the … Read more

7 Key Insights on How Generative AI Will Change the Economy

👨‍💻 In this article, I’ll share seven key insights on how ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs) will change the job markets and global economy after reading the most recent McKinsey report on “The economic potential of generative AI”. Insight 1: Generative AI’s Potential to Infuse Trillions into the Global Economy The potential economic influence … Read more