[Fixed] Error Code 429: Quota Exceeded

If you encounter Error Code 429, it means you’ve reached your API’s monthly usage limit. This occurs when the credits or units allocated to your plan are fully utilized within the billing cycle, either due to exhausting free tokens or exceeding the allocated rate. πŸ’‘ Common Causes: Depletion of free tokens allocated initially, which may … Read more

How to Solve Python Tuple Index Error

To tackle the IndexError: tuple index out of range in Python, ensure that you access tuple elements within their valid index range, which starts from 0 up to one less than the length of the tuple. Utilize the len() function to dynamically determine the tuple’s length and guide your access patterns, or employ error handling … Read more

Error While Importing OpenAI ‘from openai import OpenAI’

The error message ImportError: cannot import name ‘OpenAI’ from ‘openai’ typically indicates a problem with installing the OpenAI library: most likely there’s a mismatch between the library and the Python version you’re using. Alternatively, you may simply have misspelled the case using OpenAi or Openai instead of OpenAI. Here’s a minimal code snippet where this … Read more

(Solved) Python Request Error 403 When Web Scraping

Quick Fix Trying to parse a site when web scraping or calling APIs with Python requests, but getting slapped with a 403 Forbidden error. Ouch! The basic code looks like this: And the server is like, β€œNope, you’re not coming in” πŸ₯Έ, showing a 403 Forbidden error. Turns out, servers can be picky. They might … Read more

(Fixed) Python Request Error 500

When using Python’s requests library, encountering a 500 Internal Server Error indicates that the server has experienced an unexpected condition, preventing it from fulfilling the request. πŸ”§ Quick Fix: To solve a 500 error, start by examining the server-side logs for detailed error messages. If the server is within your control, review your server code … Read more

(Fixed) Python SyntaxError Unexpected Character After Line Continuation Character

You may encounter the “SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character” error while working on your projects. This error is related to the misuse of the line continuation character, which allows you to extend a line of code to the following line. In Python, the line continuation character is the backslash \. It enables you … Read more

βœ… Solved – Python SyntaxError Unexpected EOF While Parsing

Unexpected EOF means your Python interpreter reached the end of your program before all code is executed. In most cases, this error occurs if you don’t correctly declare or finish a for or while loop. Or you don’t close parentheses or (curly) brackets in a code block or dictionary definition. In other words, some syntactical … Read more

(Fixed) Python SyntaxError Unexpected Token ‘ ‘

A SyntaxError: Unexpected Token ‘ ‘ in Python typically occurs when the Python interpreter encounters a piece of code that has an unexpected space character in a place where Python doesn’t expect it. Python’s “unexpected token ‘ ‘” error typically results from mistakes in your code’s structure or incorrect use of parentheses, braces, or other … Read more

(Fixed) Python TypeError: String Indices Must Be Integers

Problem Formulation In Python, the “TypeError: string indices must be integers” error typically occurs when a string type object is accessed with non-integer indices. This error often arises in situations involving data structures like lists and dictionaries. Understanding the Error & Code Example This error signifies that the code attempts to index a string using … Read more

Python IndentationError: Unexpected Indent (Easy Fix)

Let’s start by example — here’s an example of both correct and incorrect indentation in Python, demonstrating a common indentation error. βœ… Good Example (Correct Indentation): In this example, the indentation is consistent. Each block of code inside the function greet is indented by four spaces, which is a standard convention in Python. This makes … Read more

[Fixed] OpenAI Playground Speed Differences – GPT-3.5 API 30x Slower Than ChatGPT?

Problem Formulation I encountered a significant delay in the response times on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo API as compared to the ChatGPT — and I’m not alone with this (source). The latency is particularly noticeable when using certain accounts, with the delay making the API almost unusable for real-time applications. Solution Idea: Experiment with Difference User … Read more