How Does the ERC-20 Token Work?

What is an ERC-20 token? An ERC-20 token is a smart contract on Ethereum that implements the methods and events specified in the ERC-20 standard. It is designed to be used as a fungible token, meaning each instance (or unit) of a token has the same value as another instance of the same token. It … Read more

Create Web Frontend using Brownie react-mix

In this article, we continue exploring the functionality of Brownie, a smart contract development and testing framework for Solidity and Vyper. We created a simple smart contract in the previous tutorials and deployed it to the Ropsten testnet. Please check the following articles if you haven’t done so. Brownie – Smart Contracts in Python How … Read more

Brownie – Smart Contracts in Python

This is an introductory article to Brownie, a smart contract development and testing framework for Solidity and Vyper, especially with Python developers in mind.  We first start with the installation process and then create a project with a simple smart contract. We will look at how to interact with the smart contract on a local … Read more

Introduction to

This article will give you a quick overview of a Python library, By the end of this article, we will install it on our local computer and understand how to use the basic functionality, such as sending Ether, deploying a Smart Contract, and interacting with it in Python. What is is a … Read more

String Concatenation in Solidity

Solidity does not offer a convenient built-in method to concatenate or compare the strings like other high-level programming languages such as java, Python, C or javascript, etc. the string type has just recently been introduced to the solidity language and it may take a while to improve further. However, the string concatenation is still possible … Read more

NFT 101

NFTs have taken the world by storm attracting the masses outside the hardcore crypto enthusiasts. What is all the fuss about anyway? Can’t you just right-click and save the artwork anyways? Investors, celebrities, artists, and collectors are flocking to this new marketplace. Despite it’s name, you’ll find tons of fun in the non-fungible token space. … Read more

MetaMask Simple Tutorial

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet allowing you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain in a simple way. Once installed, users can send and receive ETH and ERC-20 tokens. In addition to this, MetaMask serves as an entry point for DeFi, dApps, and NFTs. What is MetaMask? Install MetaMask Head to the Chrome Web Store or … Read more

How to Buy an Ethereum NFT

How do you prove authenticity and ownership of your digital assets? NFTs (non-fungible tokens) make it possibly for anyone to do so. Whether it is an image, video, audio, or physical assets, you can build your collection all thanks to the blockchain. The popularity has seen an exponential growth with brands and celebrities jumping into … Read more