Python Program zur Berechnung der Deutschen Einkommensteuer

Das folgende Python Program implementiert eine einfache Faustformel zur Berechnung der Einkommensteuer in Deutschland: Hier ist ein einfaches Schaubild, dass das Verhältnis von zu versteuertem Einkommen (zvE) und der geschätzten Steuerlast darstellt: Der folgende Python code wurde zur Berechnung dieses Schaubilds herangezogen: Dies ist nur eine Heuristic von dieser Quelle—es scheint aber relativ korrekt zu … Read more

Top 13 Attractive Cloud Developer Job Roles (2023)

This article compiles the most attractive and most profitable job descriptions in the cloud computing space. Cloud computing is a rapidly changing field—many experts argue that virtually every app will eventually run in a cloud environment. As you’ll see in this article, there are some highly lucrative cloud computing jobs available today. I’ve roughly sorted … Read more

21 Most Profitable Programming Languages in 2023

This article shows you the most profitable programming languages in the world. I compiled the average income of all programming languages and sorted them in a descending manner in the following table: Job Description Annual Average Income Erlang Developer $138,000 Haskell Developer $126,000 Go Developer $124,000 Scala Developer $119,000 Python Developer $114,000 Solidity Developer $107,000 … Read more

Top 11 DeFi Articles to Get Started in Crypto

DeFi (or “decentralized finance”) is a term used to refer to financial services transacted on public blockchains. DeFi is permissionless and open to all. Transactions are routed through a decentralized network or blockchain. DeFi applications provide many of the same services provided by traditional banks such as lending, borrowing, trading, to mention just a few. … Read more

Quant Developer — Income and Opportunity

Before we learn about the money, let’s get this question out of the way: What is a Quant Developer? A quantitative developer (i.e., Quant) is a financial programmer focused on financial modeling and quantitative finance and trading. Quants use their profound knowledge of statistics and math, finance, data structures, algorithms, machine learning, scientific computing, data … Read more