Python Join Arguments and String Concatenation

Problem: Write a function that joins an arbitrary number of string arguments with a given separator. Example: Given the string arguments “A”, “B”, and “C” and the string separator “-“. Join them to the concatenated string “A-B-C”. Solution: The following code creates a Python function concat() that takes an arbitrary number of arguments, packs them … Read more

A Guide to Python’s pow() Function

Exponents are superscript numbers that describe how many times you want to multiply a number by itself. Calculating a value raised to the power of another value is a fundamental operation in applied mathematics such as finance, machine learning, statistics, and data science. This tutorial shows you how to do it in Python! Definition For … Read more

Python Built-In Functions

Python comes with many built-in functions you can use without importing a library. The following table goes over all built-in functions in alphabetical order. If you click on any of the provided links, you’ll find an in-depth article with a short explainer video on the Finxter blog to help you improve your skills. Just follow … Read more