Will GPT-4 Save Millions in Healthcare? Radiologists Replaced By Fine-Tuned LLMs

Stepping into the rapidly advancing world of large language models (LLMs), researchers put the AI model GPT3.5 under the microscope, challenging it with the complexities of real-world medical protocols in radiology. Doctors, when ordering an imaging study, typically provide a succinct summary of the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and clinical findings. This information guides the … Read more

How to Be Great? Be Good, Repeatedly

Greatness is not about overnight success but multiple periods of repeatable habits. It is not about being better than someone else but about being dependable, disciplined and earned. Many people want to be great but do not want to put in the effort over a sustained period of time to get there. Success comes from … Read more

How I Scattered My Fat with Python – Scraping and Analyzing My Nutrition Data From Cronometer.com

From April 1st through August 14th, I tracked everything I ate on cronometer.com as part of a weight loss challenge. Overall I lost almost 25 pounds at a rate of 1.2 pounds per week. I always wondered what I could learn if I could scrape that data and get it into a Jupyter Notebook. In … Read more

Guided Meditation for Coders to Relieve Stress and Gain Clarity

Scroll down to watch the guided meditation video! πŸ‘‡ Meditation has numerous benefits for coders, including reduced stress, increased focus, and improved productivity. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ By taking a few minutes to quiet the mind and focus on the breath, coders can reduce anxiety and increase their ability to concentrate on complex programming tasks. Meditation can also … Read more

The Fasting Cure [Book Summary + Free Download]

Fasting has many scientifically proven benefits for your body and overall health: Intermittent fasting improved blood pressure and resting heart rates as well as other heart-related measurements. Physical performance. Young men who fasted for 16 hours showed fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. Mice who were fed on alternate days showed better endurance in running. … Read more