Working with Markdown Files in Python

This article will show you how to create and work with markdown files using Python. πŸ’‘ Markdown is an excellent tool with many features to spice up a flat-text file, such as changing text colors, adding bullet points, tables, and much more. A terrific way to add pizzazz to an otherwise dull file. To make … Read more

eCommerce Developer — Income and Opportunity

What is an eCommerce Developer? eCommerce website developers create websites for online businesses on which customers can purchase electronic or physical goods. eCommerce developers are web developers with a special focus on the infrastructure technology around payments, product shipping, taxing, reporting, and tracking & increasing conversion. What eCommerce Frameworks do eCommerce Developers Use? These are … Read more

eLearning Developer — Income and Opportunity

What is an eLearning Developer? The eLearning developer is responsible for the technical implementation and deployment of the learning material created by, for example, an instructional designer or teacher. This involves activities such as setting up an eLearning system or course management system, creating code for interactive exercises or quizzes, and taking care of the … Read more