How to Check Python Version in Colab?

To check your Python version in Google’s Colab, type !python ‐‐version using the exclamation mark ! operator in your Jupyter Notebook cell and click on the “Run” icon. After a couple of seconds an output like Python 3.9 will appear, depending on the version you’ve installed. In Jupyter notebooks, the exclamation mark ! executes commands … Read more

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in Python?

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in the Terminal or Shell (Unix/macOS/Linux/Windows? To check the dash version in your Windows, Unix, macOS, or Linux environment, you can run the command pip list in your terminal or shell and locate the dash output with version information in the format x.y.z (e.g., 2.5.1) Here’s an example … Read more