(Fixed) ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named ‘Keras’

Quick Fix: Python raises the ImportError: No module named ‘keras’ when it cannot find the TensorFlow library that also contains the keras module. To fix it, install TensorFlow using PIP and import Keras using from tensorflow import keras, and not import keras. Here’s how to install TensorFlow if you haven’t already: Here’s how you correctly … Read more

Top 8 Profitable Python Packages to Learn in 2023

Are you interested in Python but you don’t know which Python library is most attractive from a career point of view? Well, you should focus on the library you’re most excited about. But if you’re generally open because you have multiple passions, it would be reasonable to also consider annual and hourly income. These are … Read more

How to Install Keras on PyCharm?

Keras is a machine learning framework built on TensorFlow to facilitate scaling a machine learning app to large GPU clusters relatively easily. Problem Formulation: Given a PyCharm project. How to install the Keras library in your project within a virtual environment or globally? Here’s a solution that always works: Open File > Settings > Project … Read more

How to Classify Star Wars Lego Images using CNN and Transfer Learning

This tutorial is about training deep learning (DL) models to classify Star Wars Lego images. We use the TensorFlow library to create and compare the image classifiers. Are you looking for interesting deep learning projects that are suitable for beginners? Do not worry, this is not another MNIST image classification tutorial. Instead, we are going … Read more