NVIDIA Inference Microservice (NIM)

First, feel free to watch the overview video: πŸ‘‰ Source: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/ai/ Overview NIM Industry Use Cases ChrisWhile working as a researcher in distributed systems, Dr. Christian Mayer found his love for teaching computer science students. To help students reach higher levels of Python success, he founded the programming education website Finxter.com that has taught exponential … Read more

GPT-4 vs GPT-4o? Which is better?

Evidence 1: LMSYS Leaderboard Evidence 2: OpenAI Simple Evals Benchmark Evidence 3: Analyzing the Sentiment of the OpenAI Community Evidence 4: Costs Evidence 5: Speed Evidence 6: Model Capabilities and Conceptual Differences Evidence 7: My Personal Opinion Clearly, GPT-4o wins. It was able to process my whole 160-page dissertation and provided well-thought out research gaps … Read more

Top 10 Takeaways from Stanford’s AI Index Report 2024

A decade ago, AI systems struggled with image classification, language comprehension, and math problems. Today, advanced systems like GPT-4, Gemini, and Claude 3 exceed human performance on benchmarks and can generate fluent text, process audio, and explain memes. In 2023, AI’s rapid progress saw the release of numerous new large language models, with two-thirds being … Read more

Google Big AI Chip Announcement – Trillium: 6-th Gen TPU (4.7x)

Google has just announced Trillium, their sixth-generation Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), and it’s set to revolutionize the AI landscape. Let’s break down what makes Trillium so special. Massive Performance Boost Trillium TPUs deliver a whopping 4.7x increase in peak compute performance per chip compared to the previous TPU v5e. This leap is achieved through expanded … Read more

[Fixed] Error Code 429: Quota Exceeded

If you encounter Error Code 429, it means you’ve reached your API’s monthly usage limit. This occurs when the credits or units allocated to your plan are fully utilized within the billing cycle, either due to exhausting free tokens or exceeding the allocated rate. πŸ’‘ Common Causes: Depletion of free tokens allocated initially, which may … Read more

What is Hugging Face Used For? Exploring its Applications in Machine Learning

Introduction to Hugging Face Hugging Face is a gem for AI enthusiasts like you, cradled by the innovation of French entrepreneurs ClΓ©ment Delangue, Julien Chaumond, and their team. Born in New York City, it’s a blossoming platform where open-source thrives. Imagine a playground where artificial intelligence and machine learning collide in harmonyβ€”that’s what Hugging Face … Read more

Google Making Billions of AI – The Investment Case for Alphabet

Google’s annual revenue jumped from $100 billion to over $300 billion in six years: Year Revenue Growth 2011 $37,905 2012 $46,039 21.46% 2013 $55,519 20.59% 2014 $66,001 18.88% 2015 $74,989 13.62% 2016 $90,272 20.38% 2017 $110,855 22.80% 2018 $136,819 23.42% 2019 $161,857 18.30% 2020 $182,527 12.77% 2021 $257,637 41.15% 2022 $282,836 9.78% 2023 $307,394 8.68% … Read more

Building Complex Multi-Agent Teams and Setups with LangGraph

πŸ’‘ Info: This course is a complete text tutorial. It’s based on our academy course. If you’re interested in video explainers, check out the course here. Hi and welcome to this course on building complex multi-agent teams and setups using LangGraph, LangChain, and LangSmith. In this course we’ll start from the ground up using LangChain, … Read more

How to Create a Banner Image with Midjourney (Aspect Ratio)

I just wanted to create a banner image for my social media account with Midjourney. But banner images are usually wide — while Midjourney returns a square image. πŸ’‘ Problem Formulation: How to make a wide banner image with Midjourney, i.e., how to change the aspect ratio? Here’s an example of the standard output for … Read more

[Full Tutorial] OpenAI Fine-Tuning: Creating a Chatbot of Yourself (Example: ChrisGPT)

Hi and welcome to this course on fine-tuning ChatGPT with the OpenAI API. In this course we’ll not just look at how to deal with the fine-tuning API endpoints itself, but also how to run the fine-tuned model, and most importantly, the data preparation and validation steps so that you will be able to do … Read more

I Just Found This All-GPTs Dataset on GitHub: 300k OpenAI GPTs

I recently stumbled upon an amazing GitHub repository, “openai-gpts-data”, which is a treasure trove of data on 349K OpenAI Custom GPT models. This dataset is incredibly valuable for anyone involved in the tech, coding, or AI fields. If you’re a coder (like me) looking for real-world data to train your models, an AI expert keen … Read more