TryHackMe Linux PrivEsc – Magical Linux Privilege Escalation (2/2)

CHALLENGE OVERVIEW BACKGROUND Welcome back to part II of this Linux privilege escalation series. You can find part 1 of this mini-series here: πŸ‘‰ Recommended: TryHackMe Linux PrivEsc – Magical Linux Privilege Escalation (1/2) In this tutorial, we’ll try some additional β€œmagical” methods of gaining root access in tasks 11-21. Buckle in, and let’s get … Read more

Python Library Hijacking – A Simple Demonstration on NumPy

In this blog post, I’ll show you how recreated a Python library hijacking vulnerability on my home network. The Wonderland box on TryHackMe was the inspiration for exploring this kind of vulnerability. In my previous Wonderland walkthrough blog post, I highlighted an example of exploiting the β€˜random’ module to switch users without knowing their password. … Read more

TryHackMe Walkthrough – Wonderland

This is part of the hacking security series on multiple TryHackMe challenges: Introduction Over the past few months, I’ve been working through the junior penetration tester career pathway on TryHackMe and doing hacking practice boxes on the side to keep applying my learning in practical settings. So far almost every hacking lab includes at least … Read more

How to Install the Solidity Compiler via Docker on Ubuntu?

In this article, we continue building on our previous topic, the Solidity compiler installation: 🌍 Previous Topic: Solidity Compiler Installation (NPM) The previous article was focused on an installation via npm, and in this article, we’ll go through the installation and use of the Solidity compiler via Docker. 🌍 Related Tutorials: Install Solidity Compiler via … Read more