How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in Python?

How to Check the Plotly Dash Version in the Terminal or Shell (Unix/macOS/Linux/Windows? To check the dash version in your Windows, Unix, macOS, or Linux environment, you can run the command pip list in your terminal or shell and locate the dash output with version information in the format x.y.z (e.g., 2.5.1) Here’s an example … Read more

Extract File Name From the Path, No Matter What the os/path Format

Summary: os.path.basename(path) enables us to get the file name from the path, no matter what the os/path format. Another workaround is to use the ntpath module, which is equivalent to os.path. ✨Problem: How to extract the filename from a path, no matter what the operating system or path format is? For example, let’s suppose that … Read more

Desktop Developer — Income and Opportunity

Before we learn about the money, let’s get this question out of the way: What Is a Desktop Developer? Let’s have a look at the definition first: A desktop developer is a software developer creating software applications for desktop-based operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. In some cases, these applications don’t require an uninterrupted … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Installing Ghostscript

In this article we explore how to install Ghostscript on numerous different platforms and operating systems. What is Ghostcript? Why install it? What is Ghostscript, and why would we want to install it? To understand this we should first learn about Postscript. Postscript Postscript is a page description language geared towards desktop publishing documents. If … Read more

Unix SED Developer – Income and Opportunity

Annual Income How much does a Unix sed Developer make per year? The average annual income of a sed/awk Developer is between $64,581 and $77,646 according to Glassdoor (source). Let’s have a look at the hourly rate of Sed Developers next! Hourly Rate Sed Developers are well-paid on freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. … Read more

How to Make a Beep Sound in Python? [Linux/macOS/Win]

Windows: How to Make Beep in Python To make a beep sound in Python on your Windows machine: Import the library using: import winsound Call windsound.Beep(frequency, duration) for your desired frequency (in Hertz) and duration (in milliseconds). For example, winsound.Beep(2000, 1500) would make a sound with 2000 Hz for 1.5 seconds. Here’s the relevant code … Read more

How Do I List All Files of a Directory in Python?

Problem: Given a directory. How to list all the files in the directory using Python? Video Solution  What is a directory?A directory is a unit organizational structure used to store a collection of programs and subdirectories. Sometimes as a coder you have to deal with the countless number files within different directories. Hence, it becomes … Read more

What’s the Difference Between ‘py’ and ‘python’ in the Terminal?

Problem If you run Python in your terminal or shell, you may have realized that there are two ways to do so: using the “python” command and using the “py” command. What’s the difference? Example Say, you want to check your Python version. You can run both commands and the output is different! Here’s using … Read more