How Exactly Does Ledger Generate the 24 Random Words? Risks Inside

Ledger hardware wallets are a go-to choice for many crypto enthusiasts looking to store their digital assets securely. Their technology revolves around the generation of a 24-word recovery phrase, a critical component in the security of the wallet. Let’s dive into the inner workings of Ledger’s security, explore how the 24-word recovery phrase is created, … Read more

Sum of Square Roots of First N Numbers in Python

There are several methods to calculate the sum of the square roots of the first n numbers. Basic Iteration The most straightforward solution is to simply iterate from 1 to n, calculate the square root of each number, and add it to a running total. Runtime: O(n) Approximate Closed Form Solution An approximate closed-form solution … Read more

Show Your Love with This Python One-Liner! Printing a Heart with Name (ASCII Art)

I just stumbled on this beautiful Python one-liner submitted by GitHub user ZenOfTech to our GitHub repository one-liner collection: The beautiful output: erILoveFi inxterILo nxterILoveFinxter veFinxterILoveFin inxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxte inxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterI inxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILo nxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILov xterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILove terILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveF erILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFi rILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin LoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin veFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin eFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFinx nxterILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin terILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin rILoveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFin oveFinxterILoveFinxterILoveFi FinxterILoveFinxterILoveF xterILoveFinxterILove ILoveFinxterILo eFinxterI xte e You can easily change it by adding the … Read more

Python Integer to Hex — The Ultimate Guide

Working with different number systems and their representations is a common practice in the world of programming. One such conversion involves changing integer values into their corresponding hexadecimal representations. In Python, this transformation can be achieved with ease by utilizing built-in functions and string formatting techniques. Hexadecimal, also known as base-16, is a number system … Read more

How I Created a Football Prediction App on Streamlit

This tutorial shows you how I created a model to predict football results using Poisson distribution. You’ll learn how I designed an interactive dashboard on Streamlit where our users can select a team and get to know the odds of a home win, draw, or away win. Here’s a live demo of using the app … Read more

How to Convert an Octal Escape Sequence in Python – And Vice Versa?

This tutorial will show you how to convert an But let’s quickly recap what an octal escape sequence is in the first place! 👇 What Is An Octal Escape Sequence?💡 An Octal Escape Sequence is a backslash followed by 1-3 octal digits (0-7) such as \150 which encodes the ASCII character ‘h’. Each octal escape … Read more

Python Int to Hex | String Formatting

💬 Question: How to use Python’s string formatting capabilities — f-strings, percentage operator, format(), string.format() — to convert an integer to a hexadecimal string? Lowercase Solution without ‘0x’ Prefix You can convert an integer my_int to a simple lowercase hex string without ‘0x’ prefix by using any of the four string formatting variants—all based on … Read more

Python Hex String to Little Endian (Bytes/Integer)

What Is Big/Little Endian? Computers perform computations on data that is represented with bytes, i.e., sequences of 0s and 1s. A computer program manipulates data by loading data from memory (RAM, Cache, Disk, SSD), performing computations based on that data, and storing the resulting data back into the memory. A computer program loads and stores … Read more