How to Create a Banner Image with Midjourney (Aspect Ratio)

I just wanted to create a banner image for my social media account with Midjourney. But banner images are usually wide — while Midjourney returns a square image. πŸ’‘ Problem Formulation: How to make a wide banner image with Midjourney, i.e., how to change the aspect ratio? Here’s an example of the standard output for … Read more

How to Use Midjourney’s New Character Consistency Feature

πŸ’‘ Midjourney has introduced a groundbreaking feature that allows users to maintain character consistency across different images. This tutorial will guide you through the process of utilizing this new feature, ensuring your characters remain consistent in various settings or scenes. This is useful if you’re creating a series for a graphic novel, developing characters for … Read more

Who Wins in Image Generation? Midjourney vs ChatGPT: 5 Examples

I wanted to see firsthand how Midjourney and ChatGPT stack up against each other in image creation, so I put them to the test with five unique examples, giving us a clear picture of which one shines brighter for our creative needs. Image Prompt Example 1: Snapchat Train πŸ’‘ Midjourney version 6: /imagine snapchat image … Read more

Reverse Engineering Bill Gates’ $227 Million Mansion Using Midjourney

In this fun article, we’ll have a look at some beautiful mansion pics from Bill Gates’ House. We use the Midjourney /describe prompting technique to create image prompts based on the actual house owned by Bill Gates (source). Here’s the result for the first prompt: The result of the second prompt: The third prompt: The … Read more

13 Best Midjourney Parameters with Examples (List)

Midjourney parameters are options added to a prompt that change how an image generates. They can alter an image’s aspect ratios, switch between Midjourney model versions, change which upscaler is used, and more. Here is a list of some of the parameters: Remember, parameters are always added to the end of a prompt, and you … Read more

Midjourney Tile Parameter — 5 Beautiful Examples (v6)

The Midjourney tile parameter is a feature that allows users to generate images that can be used as repeating tiles to create seamless patterns for various applications such as fabrics, wallpapers, and textures. To use the tile parameter, you simply add –tile to the end of your prompt. For example, if you want to create … Read more

The Boring Midjourney Prompt: Create Random Boring Photos of Everyday Situations

We all know the fancy Midjourney images from Instagram. Beautiful bodies, girls, boys, places, houses, and art. In this article, we’ll look at something more boring but 10x more useful: prompting Midjourney to generate BORING images from everyday people or situations. Images that 99.9% of people wouldn’t suspect are created by an AI. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» I … Read more

50 Best Midjourney Style Prompts (New Version 6)

πŸ‘‰ Please find a comma-separated list of styles at the end of this article! On Twitter, you often read beginners voicing a strong and mostly unfounded opinion that prompt engineering is not a real skill. Yet – changing a single word in a 32-word prompt can completely change the output. Alien technology, indeed! And taming … Read more

Midjourney V5 vs V6: 10 Portrait Examples That Show the Differences (Before/After)

Example 1 – Taiwanese Girl πŸ‘§ Prompt: “Hyperrealism. A taiwanese girl who looks about 20 years old. She has shoulderlong black hair with bangs, heartshaped lips and peach blossom-shaped, dark brown eyes. She looks over her shoulder at the camera, looking slightly surpised” A great example of what Version 6.0 does better compared to Version … Read more

How Do You Check Your Midjourney Version and Change the Default Model (V6)?

If you’re like me, you want to check out the newest Midjourney version before it’s officially integrated into the default model. Maybe you like the previous version more. In this short guide, I’ll show you how to see and change your Midjourney version. Go! πŸ‘‡ Step 1: Open Midjourney or Midjourney Bot in Discord. Step … Read more