5 Ways to Edit Remote Text Files with PowerShell

πŸ’‘ Problem Formulation: You’re managing multiple servers or systems, possibly in a mixed environment (e.g., some hosts on-premises, others in the cloud), and need to update configuration or text files remotely. The challenge is to do this efficiently and reliably using PowerShell, with a prime example being the need to change a specific line in … Read more

L4S: Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (RFC 9330)

Imagine streaming your favorite 4K movie or playing high-speed online games with virtually no lag. That’s the promise of L4S: The need for speed and reliability in internet services is paramount. Enter RFC 9330, a groundbreaking document from the IETF that’s set to revolutionize how we experience the internet. This Low Latency, Low Loss, and … Read more

How to Scan for Bluetooth Devices with Python Library

In today’s connected world, knowing how to interact with Bluetooth devices is a valuable skill. Python is a popular and versatile programming language that can help you scan and connect to Bluetooth devices. Using a library called PyBluez, you can easily discover nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it a perfect choice for beginners and advanced programmers. … Read more

Keep SSH Session Alive

Problem Formulation I just tried to run AutoGPT on an EC2 instance using SSH from my local Windows machine. But here’s the annoying part: the connection always closes and AutoGPT can only work in small ~10 minute increments. When I return to my machine, I need to SSH into my instance and restart the program. … Read more

How to Flush Your Cache on Windows and Router

I work a lot with DNS settings for my websites and apps. Today I added a few new DNS entries to set up a new server. I used DNS propagation checkers and confirmed that the DNS entries were already updated internationally. But unfortunately, I myself couldn’t access the website on my Windows machine behind my … Read more

How to Serialize a Python Dict into a String and Back?

Problem Formulation Given a Python dictionary containing lists and other data structures. You want to store the dictionary in a file or send it over the network in a more efficient form. How to serialize a Python dictionary into a string, and then deserialize the string back to a dictionary data structure? Here’s a rough … Read more

Python Networking with Sockets

Have you ever wondered what happens in the system when you type https://app.finxter.com/Β orΒ https://google.com and press enter in your web browser? This is exactly what we will be covering in Python Networking. How the data flows from HTTP protocol to TCP/IP protocol stack. Then finally over the internet to fetch the data you requested. We discuss … Read more