How to Scan for Bluetooth Devices with Python Library

In today’s connected world, knowing how to interact with Bluetooth devices is a valuable skill. Python is a popular and versatile programming language that can help you scan and connect to Bluetooth devices. Using a library called PyBluez, you can easily discover nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it a perfect choice for beginners and advanced programmers. … Read more

Keep SSH Session Alive

Problem Formulation I just tried to run AutoGPT on an EC2 instance using SSH from my local Windows machine. But here’s the annoying part: the connection always closes and AutoGPT can only work in small ~10 minute increments. When I return to my machine, I need to SSH into my instance and restart the program. … Read more

How I Set Up My Virtual Hacking Laboratory for Safe and Legal Penetration Testing

BACKGROUND If you are curious about offensive security or penetration testing (pentesting), setting up your own virtual hacking lab is a good first step towards ensuring that you have a safe and legal way to practice as you train yourself on various ethical hacking tools and applications. Also, as an extra benefit, there are hundreds of … Read more

How to Flush Your Cache on Windows and Router

I work a lot with DNS settings for my websites and apps. Today I added a few new DNS entries to set up a new server. I used DNS propagation checkers and confirmed that the DNS entries were already updated internationally. But unfortunately, I myself couldn’t access the website on my Windows machine behind my … Read more

TryHackMe: Relevant Made Easy (Walkthrough & Video)

How I Hacked a Win Server Using Printspoofer CHALLENGE OVERVIEW BACKGROUND This is another blackbox-style CTF challenge. 👉 Recommended: TryHackMe Daily Bugle Made Easy – A Helpful Walkthrough with Hacking Video We go into the pentest without any prior knowledge of our target. We are only provided the IP address and will need to do … Read more

TryHackMe – Game Zone Walkthrough

CHALLENGE OVERVIEW BACKGROUND In this Linux capture-the-flag (CTF) challenge we are tasked with hacking into a game review website’s server and finding a way to gain root privileges. Let’s go! IPs ENUMERATION/RECON Let’s kick things off with our standard nmap and dirb scans. We’ll let these run while we go ahead and walk the website … Read more

TryHackMe Overpass 2 – How I Found a Server Backdoor with Wireshark

Backdoors are malicious pieces of software that allow attackers to access computers without authorization and bypass security measures. They can control computers remotely, steal data, and bypass safety protocols. Challenge Overview 👉 Recommended Tutorial: How I Hacked a PW Manager (TryHackMe Overpass 1) PART 1 – FORENSICS Part one of this box can be completed … Read more

TryHackMe BadByte – How I Used Port Forwarding to Hack Into An Internal Site’s Server

Port forwarding is a networking technique that allows a user to access services on a computer or network behind a firewall or router. It opens up specific ports on a computer or network to allow external devices to connect and access services and applications on the internal network. Challenge Overview RECON Let’s start by noting … Read more