Solidity Mapping Type Made Easy [+Video]

In this article, you’ll dive into detail on the Solidity mapping type and learn about mapping type specifics. It’s part of our long-standing tradition to make this (and other) articles a faithful companion, or a supplement to the official Solidity documentation, starting with docs for this article’s topic. Mapping Type We have seen mapping type … Read more

Creating an NFT Marketplace with Solidity and JavaScript

This tutorial shows you how to implement your own prototype of an NFT marketplace with Solidity and JavaScript. You can check out the code on our GitHub: GitHub: For additional help, you can find a full course with explainer videos on the Finxter Computer Science Academy: Video Course: Creating an NFT Marketplace with Solidity … Read more

NFT 101

NFTs have taken the world by storm attracting the masses outside the hardcore crypto enthusiasts. What is all the fuss about anyway? Can’t you just right-click and save the artwork anyways? Investors, celebrities, artists, and collectors are flocking to this new marketplace. Despite it’s name, you’ll find tons of fun in the non-fungible token space. … Read more

How to Buy an Ethereum NFT

How do you prove authenticity and ownership of your digital assets? NFTs (non-fungible tokens) make it possibly for anyone to do so. Whether it is an image, video, audio, or physical assets, you can build your collection all thanks to the blockchain. The popularity has seen an exponential growth with brands and celebrities jumping into … Read more