What Is Autogen Studio? Building Multi-Agent Systems 101

A single human being is a magical complex system capable of many things. However, the real fun starts if you align and orchestrate the effort of thousands of human beings behind a single purpose. One human can build a hut πŸ›–, 1000s of humans can build pyramids. The same holds for multi-agent AI systems of … Read more

Code Llama 2: Examples and Playground (Try It Yourself)

Try It Yourself You can run the code llama 2 code completion model right here on the Finxter blog: If the embedding doesn’t work for some reason, check out this URL of the Huggingface space. Example Fibonacci I have asked Code Llama 2 to complete my code “def fibonacci(n)” and it did it flawlessly! See … Read more

State of AI Report 2023: 163 Pages Reduced to 17 Visuals (Executive Summary)

The State of AI Report 2023, encapsulates vital AI advancements in research, industry, and politics. It underscores GPT-4’s triumph, NVIDIA’s ascension to a $1T market cap due to GPU demand, and the proliferating open-source AI community with 32M LLaMa model downloads on Hugging Face in a month. While Chat-GPT emerges as a developer favorite, GenAI’s … Read more

BitVM – Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Without Hard Fork

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» TLDR: The BitVM whitepaper by Bitcoin developer Robin Linus introduces a method to implement Ethereum-like smart contracts on Bitcoin without a hard fork. BitVM proposes a system where contract logic is executed off-chain but verified on Bitcoin, similar to Ethereum’s optimistic rollups, BitVM enables Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts. The architecture employs fraud proofs and a … Read more

5 Best Open-Source LLMs in 2023 (Two-Minute Guide)

Open-source research on large language models (LLMs) is crucial for democratizing this powerful technology. Although open-source LLMs are now widely used and studied, they faced initial challenges and criticism. Early attempts at creating open-source LLMs like OPT and BLOOM had poor performance compared to closed-source models. This led researchers to realize the need for higher-quality … Read more

Llama 2: How Meta’s Free Open-Source LLM Beats GPT-4!

Meta (formerly Facebook) has released Llama 2, a new large language model (LLM) that is trained on 40% more training data and has twice the context length, compared to its predecessor Llama. Llama 2 is open-source so researchers and hobbyist can build their own applications on top of it. Llama 2 is trained on a … Read more

Claude 2 LLM Reads Ten Papers in One Prompt with Massive 200k Token Context

The new Claude 2 model from AI research company Anthropic has proved insane new capabilities. In this quick article, I’ll give you a short and concise overview of what you need to know. Claude 2 Overview Anthropic’s latest prodigy, Claude 2, is making waves. This AI language model, part of the Claude series, is a … Read more

ChatGPT Code Interpreter Is Out

ChatGPT Plus users can now use the “Code Interpreter” in Beta mode! If you cannot see it but you’re already a Plus member, you should activate it in the settings: OpenAI has just launched a novel and experimental feature for its celebrated language model, ChatGPT, called the “Code Interpreter”. This addition allows the model to … Read more

OpenAI Gym Quickstart

OpenAI Gym Overview πŸ’‘ OpenAI Gym is a powerful toolkit designed for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms. By offering a standard API to communicate between learning algorithms and environments, Gym facilitates the creation of diverse, tunable, and reproducible benchmarking suites for a broad range of tasks. The availability of different environments, varying in difficulty, … Read more

Top 5 LLM Python Libraries Like OpenAI, LangChain, Pinecone

Large language models (LLMs) are all the hype right now, and rightly so. Using LLMs, i.e., prompting, is the new programming. In this quick article, I’ll show you the best LLM Python libraries. Let’s get started! πŸ‘‡ Top LLM Python Libraries First, we’ll cover OpenAI, LangChain, Hugging Face, Cohere, Pinecone, and ChatOpenAI. OpenAI OpenAI is … Read more

GPT4All vs Ooga Booga

GPT-4All and Ooga Booga are two prominent tools in the world of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. GPT-4All, developed by Nomic AI, is a large language model (LLM) chatbot fine-tuned from the LLaMA 7B model, a leaked large language model from Meta (formerly Facebook). This chatbot is trained on a massive dataset of text … Read more