Error While Importing OpenAI ‘from openai import OpenAI’

The error message ImportError: cannot import name ‘OpenAI’ from ‘openai’ typically indicates a problem with installing the OpenAI library: most likely there’s a mismatch between the library and the Python version you’re using. Alternatively, you may simply have misspelled the case using OpenAi or Openai instead of OpenAI. Here’s a minimal code snippet where this … Read more

OpenAI GPT Store – Get Your GPTs Ready in 5 Simple Steps

To get your GPTs published on the GPT store, complete the following steps: Step 0: Open Step 1: Your Logo > Settings & Beta Step 2: Select Builder Profile Step 3: Select Receive support emails to get user feedback (extremely important for early feedback). Step 4: Verify your domain using the dropdown: Step 5: … Read more

How to Invest in OpenAI? 5 Alternative Vehicles

Not financial advice – I’m not a financial advisor and I own some of the companies in this article. Can I Buy OpenAI Stock? Initially founded as a non-profit, OpenAI later created a for-profit arm to attract capital and is now structured as a capped-profit company. As of 2024, you cannot buy OpenAI stock in … Read more

ChadGBT – 10 ChatGPT Memes for a Hearty Laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Meme 1: ChatGTP, ChadGPT, ChadGBT, ChapGBT I created this meme because there are so many misspellings of the term “ChatGPT”, it’s hilarious! See this: Each of these misspellings has millions of searches per month! And don’t get me started on “Midjourney” misspellings: Meme 2: Hacking Artificial “Intelligence” Meme 3: The Six Stages of Karen (according … Read more

Getting Started – You Only Need This One Meta GPT That Helps You Find the Best GPT Among 1000s

OpenAI’s decision to open up the creation of custom GPTs may be one of the smartest and most consequential business moves in the last decades. Possibly similar in magnitude to Apple’s decision to open the app store for developers! Innovative prompt engineers have already created thousands of custom GPTs that integrate with various custom data … Read more

OpenAI JSON Mode & DALLΒ·E 3 Seeds (Examples)

πŸ”— This article originally appeared on the Finxter Academy for premium members (including course lesson video). Check out the video course here. All right, welcome back to part 2, where we’re going to be looking at JSON mode and seeds. βœ… This will allow us to use only a part of function calls. Namely, when … Read more

Introducing FinxterGPT — Your State-of-the-Art Learning Experience at Finxter Academy

As I strolled down memory lane today, my mind wandered back to my university days. Those were times of sitting on crowded lecture hall floors, straining to follow along as professors delved into complex theoretical computer science, for instance. Within minutes, many of us were lost in a sea of jargon, our understanding dwindling with … Read more

Embedding Your GPT in a Website

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Question: I want to integrate a (custom) GPT model into my website to enhance its interactive features with AI-driven capabilities. How do I achieve this while ensuring the AI functions effectively within the web environment and aligns with my site’s design and functionality? How do I ensure real-time responses, contextually relevant interactions, and an … Read more

Is AI Sentient? I Made a Coffee Break Python GPT, and This Happened 🀯

I just completed this fun puzzle creator GPT that tracks your Elo skills and challenges you with Python puzzles in the style of the Finxter app. It tracks your skills while you progress through subsequently more challenging Python puzzles. πŸ”—πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Try It Yourself: Coffee Break Python GPT (Finxter Original) You can try it yourself; it’s … Read more

OpenAI Text-to-Speech (TTS) – I Tried the Top Ten Languages with 10 Amazing Speech Samples

Let’s check out OpenAI’s fantastic Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. I was blown away when I first heard these voices; they sound so incredibly human, it’s almost hard to believe! It’s like having a friendly chat in different languages, all thanks to OpenAI’s amazing speech-generation skills in the world’s top ten languages. I used the following code: … Read more