Python Pandas Input/Output – Pickling

If you are leaning towards a career as a Data Scientist or just a coder looking to expand their skill set, the art of pickling is a must-have. This article focuses on creating, saving, and reading various object types to/from a pickle file. Syntax pandas.read_pickle(filepath_or_buffer, compression=’infer’, storage_options=None) The return value is an unpickled object of … Read more

What’s the Difference Between exit(0) and exit(1) in Python?

The function calls exit(0) and exit(1) are used to reveal the status of the termination of a Python program. The call exit(0) indicates successful execution of a program whereas exit(1) indicates some issue/error occurred while executing a program. What is the Exit Code? Let’s have a look at some examples to get a clear picture … Read more