How to Show Images in Python

Showing pictures in Python This post will show different ways of displaying pictures in Python. The options we will explore are: PIL (Python Image Library) OpenCV (Computer Vision Library) IPython Matplotlib Library Method 1: PIL (Python Image Library) PIL is the standard library to manage images in Python. They discontinued the project in 2011, but … Read more

How to Install Pillow/PIL on PyCharm?

The Python Imaging Library (Pillow) adds powerful image processing capabilities to your Python project. Problem Formulation: Given a PyCharm project. How to install the Pillow library in your project within a virtual environment or globally? Here’s a solution that always works: Open File > Settings > Project from the PyCharm menu. Select your current project. … Read more

How to Display an Image as Grayscale in Python Matplotlib?

How to Display an Image as Grayscale in Python Matplotlib? You can convert a given image to a grayscale image using four simple steps: Import the PIL and Matplotlib libraries Open the image with Convert the opened image to grayscale using img.convert(“L”) with greyscale mode “L”. Display the image using Matplotlib’s plt.imshow(gray_img, cmap=’gray’) function. … Read more