How to Install google-cloud-storage in Python?

The Python google-cloud-storage library is among the top 100 Python libraries, with more than 31,843,288 downloads. This article will show you everything you need to get this installed in your Python environment. Library Link How to Install google-cloud-storage on Windows? Type “cmd” in the search bar and hit Enter to open the command line. Type … Read more

Python Check Version of Package with pip

Problem Formulation Assuming you have the Python package manager pip installed in your operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS). How to check the version of a package with pip? Method 1: pip show To check which version of a given package is installed, use the pip show <your_package> command. For example, to check the version of … Read more

How to Install a Python Package with a .whl File?

Problem Formulation: Given a file yourPackage.whl that resides in the folder C:\your\folder\. How to install it on your Windows machine? Background .whl Files A .whl file (read: wheel file) is a zip archive that contains all the files necessary to run a Python application. What is a wheel? It’s a built-package format for Python, i.e., … Read more

PIP Install PIL/Pillow – A Helpful Illustrated Guide

PIL is an abbreviation of Python Imaging Library and it adds image processing to Python. In 2011, PIL has been discontinued—its unofficial successor framework Pillow for image processing is an actively maintained and user-friendly alternative in Python 3. Alternatively, you may use any of the following commands to install pillow, depending on your concrete environment. … Read more