What Is Finxter? Is It Trustworthy? An Unbiased Review by ChatGPT

Hello, I’m a technology enthusiast and passionate about exploring educational tools that enhance coding skills. Today, I’ll be diving into Finxter, discussing its offerings and assessing its reliability for those looking to advance their programming knowledge. I’ll do this with a novel and objective approach that cannot be faked: asking ChatGPT: Question: “ChatGPT, research finxter … Read more

[Online Calculator] How Many Years Can You Live Off Your Investments?

I just created this investment lifespan calculator that helps you figure out how much money you need and how much annual investment return you need to achieve your financial freedom: Investment Lifespan Calculator Calculate Feel free to also check out my other calculator: πŸ‘‰ Financial Freedom Calculator ChrisWhile working as a researcher in distributed systems, … Read more

Top 10 Reddit Communities for Tech Enthusiasts

Reddit hosts a vast universe of communities where technology lovers, investors, and visionaries can explore the latest trends, discuss groundbreaking ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals. Here’s a list of top subreddits I found interesting. All of those are treasure troves for those passionate about technology, investing in tech, and futuristic concepts. Community 1: /r/technology … Read more

19 Facts to Boost Your Healthspan (So You Don’t Die Before AI’s Health Singularity)

Do you live long enough to live forever? As AI training costs decrease by ~70% annually, we’re at the cusp of extraordinary technological breakthroughs in longevity. At least that’s what I believe. πŸ‘‰ IQ Just Got 10,000x Cheaper: Declining Cost Curves in AI Training However, you and I may have to wait another decade or … Read more

The Robots Are Coming – Will These Investments Create Millionaires?

We will see a billion robots in all shapesβ€”robots shaped like humans, robots shaped like animals, and robots shaped like novel creatures with specific skills. They will do everything for us in the real world, thereby allowing programming reality. It’s about digitizing the real world, and the boundaries between the real world and cyberspace will … Read more

Getting Rich: From Fixed Hourly Rate to Probabilistic Income

πŸ’‘ Income certainty is a costly luxury – you’re better off sacrificing it long-term. As an entrepreneur and investor who has navigated the tumultuous waters of income generation, I’ve come to understand the profound difference between earning a fixed hourly rate and embracing the uncertain yet potentially explosive world of probabilistic income. This journey of … Read more

Following The Script

πŸ‘‰ This email is written on 02/07/2024 as part of the free Finxter newsletter. Join >100k tech enthusiasts! Here’s The Scriptβ„’ society wants you to follow: Work hard, be disciplined, study (and study some more) – and reach success. Well, society has no money-back guarantee (unlike Finxter). More importantly, you won’t get the lost time … Read more

What You Can and Cannot Change

🌻 Embracing Change: Navigating What’s Within Your Control Where change is the only constant, understanding the fine line between what we can and cannot influence is paramount. This blog post is for tech enthusiasts and change-makers who want to be on the right side of transformation. It draws insights from a comprehensive exploration of personal … Read more

The Art of Clean Code – Focus as the Ultimate Weapon to Fight Entropy

πŸ’‘ In the quest to distill the essence of crafting clean code, we’ve learned about the need of minimizing complexity to maximizing productivity. This brief chapter spotlights a singular, transformative concept: focus. The Weapon Against Complexity Throughout The Art of Clean Code we learned that complexity breeds chaos, while its bane lies in focusβ€”the linchpin … Read more

The Art of Clean Code – Less Is More In Design

As developers, we rarely perceive ourselves as designers, yet interface crafting is an integral facet of our craft. Be it shaping an intuitive dashboard for data analysis, architecting an easily navigable API, or constructing straightforward web interfaces for blockchain applications, a grasp on basic design principles separates the forgettable from the functional. πŸ’‘ This chapter … Read more