Freelance Developer Skills

This article is an excerpt of my detailed tutorial “The Complete Guide to Freelance Developing” on this FINXTER blog. We’ll answer the following question: What skills do you need to succeed as a freelance developer? Teaching many freelancing students, I have come to learn that most don’t believe they have all the skills they need …

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Python Import Error (ModuleNotFoundError)

Python’s ImportError (ModuleNotFoundError) indicates that you tried to import a module that Python doesn’t find. It can usually be eliminated by adding a file named to the directory and then adding this directory to $PYTHONPATH. If this file ( is in the folder, change the position of the import in the file that is …

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Python One-Line Password Generator

Can you believe it? People use unknown and potentially insecure websites to generate their random passwords! This works as follows: A website generates a “random” password for them and they copy&paste it and assume this is a safe password because of the randomness of the characters. What a security flaw! Why? Because the website could …

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Python Comments — 2-Minute Guide with Exercise

Wouldn’t reading code be much easier if the author constantly shared their thoughts with you? Commenting is good practice in Python because it helps others (and your future self) understanding your code much better. Writing commented code makes you more productive in the long term! There are two types of comments: one-line comments and multi-line …

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Python One Line Class

Do you hate those lengthy class definitions with __init__ and too many whitespaces and newlines? Python One-Liners to the rescue! Luckily, you can create classes in a single line—and it can even be Pythonic to do so! Sounds too good to be true? Let’s dive right into it! Problem: How to create a Python class …

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Hello World! A Python One-Liner to Get Started with Python Quickly

The “hello world program” is used in programming languages to set up a minimal programming environment and execute the first trivial program in it. It helps you get your environment going and take your first steps towards a more complicated program. This short tutorial will show you the fastest possible way to write your first …

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[7 Steps] How to Start Your Freelancing Business on the Side?

Do you dream of creating your own coding business online as a web developer, Python freelancer, or programmer? Creating your coding business on the side is one of the best ways to test the waters and build crucial business skills before you fully commit to your new freelancing venture. Here are the eight steps to …

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Python One Line to Multiple Lines

To break one line into multiple lines in Python, use an opening parenthesis in the line you want to break. Now, Python expects the closing parenthesis in one of the next lines and the expression is evaluated across line boundaries. As an alternative, you can also use the backslash \ just in front of the …

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Pyhton Freelancer

How to Become a Python Freelancer—and Earn $1,000 on the Side? [A Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Do you want to earn money as a Python freelancer? But you just start out learning Python? This article leads you step-by-step through the adventure of becoming a Python freelancer. Learn about the exact steps you need to do to become a Python freelancer – starting out as a Python newbie. Without losing any time, let’s dive into the 7 steps of becoming a Python freelancer.